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Comment:Fix typo on the security.html webpage.
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SHA3-256: 2ffc105f81a74dad74838f763f0fdb77d89d5a3fc134c3b2840d44b281d6ea8a
User & Date: drh 2018-12-26 12:00:45
Fixes to the syntax diagrams for window functions: The parentheses were missing around the window-defn for the WINDOW clause. check-in: fd152b335d user: drh tags: branch-3.26
Fix typo on the security.html webpage. check-in: 2ffc105f81 user: drh tags: branch-3.26
Fix a typo in the assert.html document. check-in: 538a9a3099 user: drh tags: branch-3.26
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     3      3     {defense against dark arts}</tcl>
     4      4   <fancy_format>
     5      5   
     6      6   <h1>SQLite Always Validates Its Inputs</h1>
     7      7   
     8      8   <p>
     9      9   SQLite should never crash, overflow a buffer, leak memory,
    10         -or exhibit any other harmful behavior, even with presented with
           10  +or exhibit any other harmful behavior, even when presented with
    11     11   maliciously malformed SQL inputs or database files.  SQLite should
    12     12   always detect erroneous inputs and raise an error, not crash or
    13     13   corrupt memory.
    14     14   Any malfunction caused by an SQL input or database file
    15     15   is considered a serious bug and will be promptly addressed when
    16     16   brought to the attention of the SQLite developers.  SQLite is
    17     17   extensively fuzz-tested to help ensure that it is resistant