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Comment:Minor edits to whynotgit.html due to Reddit comments.
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Minor edits to whynotgit.html due to Reddit comments. check-in: 2ad4610bdf user: drh tags: trunk
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    17     17   [|Git] version control system like everybody
    18     18   else.
    19     19   This article attempts to answer that question.  Also,
    20     20   in <a href="#getthecode">section 3</a>, 
    21     21   this article provides hints to Git users
    22     22   about how they can easily access the SQLite source code.
    23     23   
    24         -<h2>Revisions To This Article</h2>
           24  +<h2>Edits</h2>
    25     25   
    26     26   <p>
    27         -Less than 24 hours after first publication, the original text
    28         -of this article was being
    29         -[|hotly debated on Hacker News],
    30         -and was rebuked for inaccuracies, distortions, and
    31         -exaggerations.
    32         -The version you are now reading is a re-write that
    33         -attempts to correct those problems and to use a softer
    34         -and less confrontational tone.
           27  +This article has been revised multiple times in an attempt
           28  +to address concerns and misgivings and to fix inaccuracies
           29  +identified on
           30  +[|Hacker News]
           31  +and on
           32  +[|Reddit].
    35     33   
    36     34   <h1>A Few Reasons Why SQLite Does Not Use Git</h1>
    37     35   
    38     36   <p>
    39     37   One could summarize the reason why SQLite does not use Git in
    40     38   a single sentence:  The lead SQLite developer finds Git to be
    41     39   unpalatable.  If you like Git and want to use it, that's great.
   177    175   which is that it is "distributed".  There are various free
   178    176   alternatives to GitHub, such as GitLab, but those too have
   179    177   a lot of dependencies and require a lot of server setup.
   180    178   
   181    179   <p>
   182    180   In contrast, Fossil is a single standalone binary which one
   183    181   installs by placing it to $PATH.  That one binary contains all
   184         -the functionality of core Git and also GitHub or GitLab.  It
          182  +the functionality of core Git and also GitHub and/or GitLab.  It
   185    183   manages a community server with wiki and bug tracking, provides
   186    184   packaged downloads for consumers, login managements, and so forth,
   187    185   with no extra software required.
   188    186   
   189    187   <p>
   190    188   Less administration means that programmers spend more time working
   191    189   on the software (SQLite in this case) and less time fussing with