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Comment:Add mention of sqlite3changeset_apply() hardening to the change log.
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SHA3-256: 156259f9a6b5b7fffa159dcb4b6ff888e17cd5aa131fa38456ca9b9ceb5ef0c0
User & Date: drh 2018-03-28 15:11:13
A couple more minor changes in the change log. check-in: ac0b5884a5 user: drh tags: trunk
Add mention of sqlite3changeset_apply() hardening to the change log. check-in: 156259f9a6 user: drh tags: trunk
Update the speed and size chart. check-in: e704c03dfe user: drh tags: trunk
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    34     34        now causes string substitutions to measure the width and precision in
    35     35        characters instead of bytes.
    36     36   <li> If the [xColumn] method in a [virtual table] implementation returns
    37     37        an error message using [sqlite3_result_error()] then give that error
    38     38        message preference over internally-generated messages.
    39     39   <li> Added the -A command-line option to the [CLI] to make it easier to manage
    40     40        [SQLite Archive files].
           41  +<li> Enhance the [sqlite3changeset_apply()] interface so that it is hardened
           42  +     against attacks from deliberately corrupted [changeset] objects.
    41     43   <li> Query optimizer enhancements:
    42     44   <ol type='a'>
    43     45     <li> Improve the [omit-left-join optimization] so that it works in cases where
    44     46          the right-hand table is UNIQUE but not necessarily NOT NULL.
    45     47     <li> Improve the [push-down optimization] so that it works for many LEFT JOINs.
    46     48     <li> Add the [LEFT JOIN strength reduction optimization] that converts a LEFT
    47     49          JOIN into an ordinary JOIN if there exist terms in the WHERE clause