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SHA3-256: 003eb4df175f6d4e03354eb993c65288f8f69e3301110ef424f745c3e1f2a660
User & Date: drh 2019-09-27 11:30:22
Merge fixes from the 3.20 branch. (check-in: de8b5d698b user: drh tags: trunk)
Type fixes (check-in: 003eb4df17 user: drh tags: trunk)
Update the RBU documentation to remove the constraint about it not working with indexes on expressions. (check-in: e7771db6cc user: drh tags: trunk)
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Changes to pages/

   332    332   hello         10    
   333    333   goodbye       20    
   334    334   sqlite>
   335    335   }</tclscript>
   336    336   
   337    337   <p>The ".width" command in the example above sets the width of the first
   338    338   column to 12 and the width of the second column to 6.  All other column
   339         -widths were unaltered.  You can gives as many arguments to ".width" as
          339  +widths were unaltered.  You can give as many arguments to ".width" as
   340    340   necessary to specify the widths of as many columns as are in your
   341    341   query results.</p>
   342    342   
   343    343   <p>If you specify a column a width of 0, then the column
   344    344   width is automatically adjusted to be the maximum of three
   345    345   numbers: 10, the width of the header, and the width of the
   346    346   first row of data.  This makes the column width self-adjusting.
  1143   1143   the temp.sqlite_parameters table if it does not already exist.  The ".param list"
  1144   1144   command shows all entries in the temp.sqlite_parameters table.  The ".param clear"
  1145   1145   command drops the temp.sqlite_parameters table.  The ".param set KEY VALUE" and
  1146   1146   ".param unset KEY" commands create or delete entries from the 
  1147   1147   temp.sqlite_parameters table.
  1148   1148   
  1149   1149   <p>The temp.sqlite_parameters table only provides values for parameters in the
  1150         -command-line shell.  The temp.sqlite_parameter table has no affect on queries
         1150  +command-line shell.  The temp.sqlite_parameter table has no effect on queries
  1151   1151   that are run directly using the SQLite C-language API.  Individual applications
  1152   1152   are expected to implement their own parameter binding.  You can search for 
  1153   1153   "sqlite_parameters" in the 
  1154   1154   [|command-line shell source code]
  1155   1155   to see how the command-line shell does parameter binding, and use that as
  1156   1156   a hint for how to implement it yourself.
  1157   1157   

Changes to pages/

  4587   4587   
  4588   4588   <p>^(If the FROM clause is omitted from a simple SELECT statement, then the 
  4589   4589   input data is implicitly a single row zero columns wide)^ (i.e. <i>N</i>=1 and
  4590   4590   <i>M</i>=0).
  4591   4591   
  4592   4592   <p>If a FROM clause is specified, the data on which a simple SELECT query
  4593   4593   operates comes from the one or more tables or subqueries (SELECT statements
  4594         -in parenthesis) specified following the FROM keyword. ^A subquery specified
         4594  +in parentheses) specified following the FROM keyword. ^A subquery specified
  4595   4595   in the <yyterm>table-or-subquery</yyterm> following the FROM clause in a 
  4596   4596   simple SELECT statement is
  4597   4597   handled as if it was a table containing the data returned by executing the
  4598   4598   subquery statement. ^Each column of the subquery has the
  4599   4599   [collation|collation sequence] and [affinity] of the corresponding expression
  4600   4600   in the subquery statement.
  4601   4601   
  4813   4813   have the same value for "a".  But what is the result of the bare 
  4814   4814   column "b"? The answer is that the "b" result will be the
  4815   4815   value for "b" in one of the input rows that form the aggregate.
  4816   4816   The problem is that you usually do not know which input row is used
  4817   4817   to compute "b", and so in many cases the value for "b" is undefined.
  4818   4818   </p>
  4819   4819   <p>
  4820         -Special processing occurs occurs when the aggregate function is 
         4820  +Special processing occurs when the aggregate function is 
  4821   4821   either [maxAggFunc|min()] or [minAggFunc|max()].  Example:
  4822   4822   <blockquote><pre>
  4823   4823   SELECT a, b, max(c) FROM tab1 GROUP BY a;
  4824   4824   </pre></blockquote>
  4825   4825   When the [maxAggFunc|min()] or [minAggFunc|max()] aggregate functions 
  4826   4826   are used in an aggregate query, all bare columns in the result set 
  4827   4827   take values from the input