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<title>List of SQLite Syntax Diagrams</title>

<h1 align="center">List of SQLite Syntax Diagrams</h1>

set lx {}
foreach name [lsort $syntax_order] {
  lappend lx [list syntax/$name.html $name 0]
hd_list_of_links {} 300 $lx

foreach name $syntax_order {
  file mkdir $::DEST/syntax
  hd_open_aux syntax/$name.html
  hd_keywords $name "$name syntax diagram"
  hd_enable_main 0
  hd_header "SQLite Syntax: $name"
  hd_putsnl "<h1 align='center'>$name</h1>"
  hd_putsnl "<div class='imgcontainer'>"
  hd_puts "<img alt=\"syntax diagram $name\" "
  hd_puts "src=\"../images/syntax/$name.gif\">"
  hd_putsnl "</img><br>"
  foreach {cx px} $syntax_linkage($name) break
  if {[llength $px]>0} {
    hd_puts "\nUsed by:"
    foreach c $px {
      hd_puts "&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href='./$c.html'>$c</a>"
  if {[llength $cx]>0} {
    hd_puts "<br></br>\nReferences:"
    foreach c $cx {
      hd_puts "&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href='./$c.html'>$c</a>"
  if {[info exists ::backlink($name)]} {
    unset -nocomplain bk
    foreach c $::backlink($name) {
      regsub {#.*} $c {} c
      set bk($c) 1
    set bklist [lsort [array names bk]]
    if {[llength $bklist]>0} {
      hd_puts "<br></br>\nSee also:"
      foreach c $bklist {
        hd_puts "&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href='../$c'>$c</a>"
  hd_puts "\n</div>\n\n"