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<title>Recent SQLite News</title>

<h2>Recent News</h2>

proc newsitem {date title text} {
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    regsub -all {(Version) (\d+)\.(\d+)\.(\d+)} $title \
      {<a href="releaselog/\2_\3_\4.html">\0</a>} title
  hd_puts "<h3>$date - $title</h3>"
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newsitem {2019-04-16} {Release 3.28.0} {
Version 3.28.0 is a regularly scheduled maintenance release
of SQLite containing miscellaneous performance and feature
enhancements.  See the [version 3.28.0|change log] for
This release fixes an obscure security issue. Applications
using older versions of SQLite may be vulnerable if
<li> SQLite is compiled with certain optional extensions
     enabled, and
<li> the attacker is able to inject arbitrary SQL.
We are not aware of any applications that are vulnerable to
this problem. On the other hand, we do not know about
every application that uses SQLite.  
If your application allows unauthenticated users on the internet
(and hence potential attackers) to run arbitrary SQL and if
you build SQLite with any of the optional extensions enabled,
then you should take this upgrade at your earliest opportunity.
For further information about improving SQLite's robustness
in internet-facing applications, see the our
[defense against dark arts|security recommendations].

newsitem {2019-02-25} {Release 3.27.2} {
Version 3.27.2 is a patch release that
fixes a two bugs and various documentation
errors found in the version 3.27.1.  The
changes from version 3.27.1 and 3.27.0 are

newsitem {2019-02-08} {Release 3.27.1} {
After release 3.27.0 was tagged, but before the build could
be completed and uploaded, a 
[|long-standing bug]
in the query optimizer was reported via System.Data.SQLite.
Since people will be upgrading anyhow, we decided 
publish the fix for this newly discovered problems right
away.  Hence, 3.27.1 was released less than 24 hours after
It would have been better if the query optimizer bug had come to
our attention one day earlier, so that we could have incorporated
a fix into 3.27.0, but sometimes that's the way things go.

newsitem {2019-02-07} {Release 3.27.0} {
SQLite [version 3.27.0] is a routine maintenance release with various
performance and feature enhancements.  See the
[version 3.27.0|release notes] for details.

newsitem {2018-12-01} {Release 3.26.0} {
SQLite [version 3.26.0] is a routine maintenance release with various
performance and feature enhancements.  See the
[version 3.26.0|release notes] for details.

newsitem {2018-11-05} {Release 3.25.3} {
SQLite [version 3.25.3] is a third patch against 3.25.0 that fixes various
problems that have come to light and which seem serious enough to 
justify a patch.

newsitem {2018-09-25} {Release 3.25.2} {
SQLite [version 3.25.2] is another patch against 3.25.0 that fixes still
more problems associated with the new [window function] feature and the
[ALTER TABLE] enhancements.  Of particular note is the new
[PRAGMA legacy_alter_table=ON] command, which causes the ALTER TABLE RENAME
command to behave in the same goofy way that it did before the enhancements
found in version 3.25.0 &rarr; references to renamed tables that are inside
the bodies of triggers and views are not updated.  The legacy behavior is
arguably a bug, but some programs depend on the older buggy behavior.  The
3.25.2 release also contains a fix to [window function] processing for
VIEWs.  There also a slew of other minor fixes that affect obscure
compile-time options.  See the
[|Fossil Timeline] for

newsitem {2018-09-18} {Release 3.25.1} {
SQLite [version 3.25.1] is a patch against version 3.25.0 that contains
two one-line fixes for bug that were introduced in version 3.25.0.
See the change log for details.  Upgrading from 3.25.0 is recommended.

newsitem {2018-09-15} {Release 3.25.0} {
SQLite [version 3.25.0] is a regularly scheduled maintenance release.
Two big enhancements in this release:
Support for [window functions] was added, using the PostgreSQL documentation
as the baseline.
The [ALTER TABLE] command was enhanced to support renaming of columns, and
so that column and table renames are propagated into trigger bodies and views.
<p>In addition, there are various performance enhancements and minor fixes.
<p>One bug of note is 
[|ticket 9936b2fa443fec]
which describes a hard-to-reach condition where the ORDER BY LIMIT
optimization might cause an infinite loop during query evaluation.  
This ticket raised a lot of
concern on 
[|HackerNews] and
probably due to my choice of the ticket
title.  "Infinite Loop" sounds scary.  But I argue that the bug isn't really
all that bad in that it is very difficult to reach, will show up during
testing (rather than magically appearing after a product is
deployed), does not cause any data loss, and does not return an
incorrect result.  It was an important error, but not nearly as dire
as many people interpreted it to be.  And, in any event, it is fixed now.

newsitem {2018-06-04} {Release 3.24.0} {
SQLite [version 3.24.0] is a regularly scheduled maintenance release.
Highlights of this release include support for PostgreSQL-style
UPSERT and improved performance, especially for ORDER BY LIMIT queries.

newsitem {2018-04-10} {Release 3.23.1} {
The [version 3.23.1] release fixes a bug in the new
[LEFT JOIN strength reduction optimization] added to version 3.23.0.
A few other minor and obscure fixes were also inserted, as well as
a small performance optimization.  Code changes relative to
version 3.23.0 are minimal.

newsitem {2018-04-02} {Release 3.23.0} {
The [version 3.23.0] release is a regularly scheduled maintenance release.
See the [version 3.23.0|change log] for a list of enhancements and bug

newsitem {2018-01-22} {Release 3.22.0} {
The [version 3.22.0] release is a regularly scheduled maintenance release.
There are many minor, though interesting, enhancements in this release.
See the [version 3.22.0|change log] for details.

newsitem {2017-10-24} {Release 3.21.0} {
The [version 3.21.0] release is a regularly scheduled maintenance release.
There are lots of enhancements in this release.
See the [version 3.21.0|change log] for details.

newsitem {2017-08-24} {Release 3.20.1} {
The [version 3.20.1] patch release changes two lines of code in
the [sqlite3_result_pointer()] interface in order to fix a rare
memory leak.  There are no other changes relative to [version 3.20.0].

newsitem {2017-08-01} {Release 3.20.0} {
SQLite [version 3.20.0] is a regularly scheduled maintenance release
of SQLite.
This release contains many minor enhancements, including:
<li> Several new extensions
<li> Enhancements to the "sqlite3.exe" command-line shell
<li> Query planner enhancements
<li> Miscellaneous code optimizations for improved performance
<li> Fixes for some obscure bugs
See the [version 3.20.0|release notes] for more information.

newsitem {2017-06-17} {Release 3.18.2} {
SQLite [version 3.18.2] is another backport of a bug fix found
in SQLite [version 3.19.0], specifically the fix for
ticket [|61fe9745].  Changes
against [version 3.18.0] are minimal.

newsitem {2017-06-16} {Release 3.18.1} {
SQLite [version 3.18.1] is a bug-fix release against [version 3.18.0]
that fixes the [auto_vacuum] corruption bug described in ticket
[|fda22108].  This release was
created for users who need that bug fix but do not yet want to upgrade 
to [version 3.19.3].  

newsitem {2017-06-08} {Release 3.19.3} {
[Version 3.19.3] is an emergency patch release to fix a 
[|bug] in 
[auto_vacuum] logic that can lead to database corruption.
The bug was introduced in [version 3.16.0] 
([dateof:3.16.0]).  Though the bug is obscure and rarely
encountered, upgrading is recommended for all users, and
especially for users who turn on [auto_vacuum].

newsitem {2017-05-25} {Release 3.19.2} {
Still more problems have been found in the LEFT JOIN
[|flattening] optimization
that was added in the 3.19.0 release.  This patch release fixes all known
issues with that optimization and adds new test cases.  Hopefully this
will be the last patch.

newsitem {2017-05-24} {Release 3.19.1} {
One of the new query planner optimizations in the 3.19.0 release contained
bugs.  The 3.19.1 patch release fixes them.
Beginning with 3.19.0, subqueries and views on the right-hand side of
a LEFT JOIN operator could sometimes be
[|flattened] into the
main query.  The new optimization worked well for all of the test cases
that the developers devised, and for millions of legacy test cases, but
once 3.19.0 was released, users found some other cases where the optimization
failed.  Ticket
[|cad1ab4cb7b0fc344] contains
These problems exist only in 3.19.0.  Users of SQLite 3.19.0 should
upgrade, but users of all prior versions of SQLite are safe.

newsitem {2017-05-22} {Release 3.19.0} {
SQLite [version 3.19.0] is a regularly scheduled maintenance release.
The emphasis on this release is improvements to the query planner.
There are also some obscure bug fixes.  There is no reason to upgrade
unless you are having problems with a prior release.

newsitem {2017-03-30} {Release 3.18.0} {
SQLite [version 3.18.0] is a regularly scheduled maintenance release.
This release features an initial implementation the 
"[PRAGMA optimize]" command.  This command can now be used to cause
[ANALYZE] to be run on an as-needed basis.  Applications should invoke
"PRAGMA optimize" just before closing the [database connection].
The "PRAGMA optimize" statement will likely be enhanced to do other
kinds of automated database maintenance in future releases.
The [|Fossil] version control system that is
used to manage the SQLite project has been upgraded to use SHA3-256 hashes
instead of SHA1.  Therefore, the version identifications for SQLite now
show a 64-hex-digit SHA3-256 hash rather than the 40-hex-digit SHA1 hash.
See the [version 3.18.0|change log] for other enhancements and optimizations
in this release.

newsitem {2017-02-13} {Release 3.17.0} {
SQLite [version 3.17.0] is a regularly scheduled maintenance release.
Most of the changes in this release are performance optimizations.
Optimizations to the [R-Tree extension] are especially noticeable.
In this release, the default size of the 
[lookaside buffer] allocated for each database connection
is increased from 64,000 to 120,000 bytes.  This provides improved
performance on many common workloads in exchange for a small increase
in memory usage.
Applications that value a small memory footprint over raw speed
can change the lookaside buffer size back to its old value (or to zero)
using the [SQLITE_DEFAULT_LOOKASIDE] compile-time option, or the
start-time setting, or the
run-time setting.

newsitem {2017-01-06} {Release 3.16.2} {
One of the performance optimizations added in 3.16.0 caused triggers
and foreign keys to malfunction for the [REPLACE] statement on
[WITHOUT ROWID] tables that lack secondary indexes.  This patch
release fixes the problem.  See ticket 
[|30027b613b4] for details.

newsitem {2017-01-03} {Release 3.16.1} {
SQLite [version 3.16.1] fixes a bug in the row-value logic for UPDATE
statements inside of triggers.  The bug has been there since row-values
were added by release 3.15.0, but was not discovered until just a few
minutes after the 3.16.0 release was published, and so it was not fixed
by 3.16.0.  This patch release is version 3.16.0 with the row-value bug fix.

newsitem {2017-01-02} {Release 3.16.0} {
SQLite [version 3.16.0] is a regularly schedule maintenance release.

This release includes many [microoptimizations] that collectively reduce
the CPU cycle count by about 9%,
add there have been important enhancements to the [command-line shell].

<p>Support for [PRAGMA functions] is added,
so that many pragma statements can be used as part of a larger SQL query.
This is considered an experimental feature.
We do not anticipate any changes to the [PRAGMA function] interface, but
will keep continue to call this interface "experimental" for a few release
cycles in case unforeseen issues arise.

<p>See the [version 3.16.0|change log] for other enhancements.

newsitem {2016-11-28} {Release 3.15.2} {
SQLite [version 3.15.2] is a bug-fix patch release that fixes several minor
issues in the 3.15.0 and 3.15.1 releases.

newsitem {2016-11-04} {Release 3.15.1} {
SQLite [version 3.15.1] is a bug-fix patch release that fixes some minor
issues in the 3.15.0 release.

newsitem {2016-10-14} {Release 3.15.0} {
SQLite [version 3.15.0] is a regularly scheduled maintenance release.
The key feature in this release is the added support for
[row values].  There are also other enhancements and
fixes for a number of obscure bugs.
The 3.15.0 release uses about 7% fewer CPU cycles than 3.14.2.
Most of the improvement in this release
is in the SQL parser, query planner, and
byte-code generator (the front-end) corresponding
to the [sqlite3_prepare_v2()] interface.  Overall,
version 3.15.0 uses about half as much CPU time as
version 3.8.1 ([dateof:3.8.1]).  These
performance measurements are made using the "speedtest1.c"
workload on x64 compiled with gcc and -Os. Performance
improvements may vary with different platforms and

newsitem {2016-09-12} {Release 3.14.2} {
SQLite [version 3.14.2] fixes several obscure bugs and adds 
improved support for building SQLite using the STDCALL calling
convention on 32-bit windows systems.  Upgrading from versions
3.14 and 3.14.1 is optional.

newsitem {2016-08-11} {Release 3.14.1} {
SQLite [version 3.14.1] adds a small patch to improve the performance
of the pcache1TruncateUnsafe() routine for cases when the only a few
pages on the end of the cache are being removed.  This causes COMMITs
to run faster when there is a very large page cache.  Upgrading from
version 3.14 is optional.

newsitem {2016-08-08} {Release 3.14} {
SQLite [version 3.14] (the "&#960;" release)
is a regularly scheduled maintenance
release containing performance enhancements, new features, and fixes for
obscure bugs.

newsitem {2016-05-18} {Release 3.13.0} {
SQLite [version 3.13.0] is a regularly schedule maintenance release containing
performance enhancements and fixes for obscure bugs.

newsitem {2016-04-18} {Release 3.12.2} {
<p>Yikes!  The 3.12.0 and 3.12.1 releases contain a backwards compatibility bug!
   Tables that declare a column with type <tt>"INTEGER" PRIMARY KEY</tt>
   (where the datatype name INTEGER is quoted) generate an incompatible
   database file.  The mistake came about because the developers have never
   thought to put a typename in quotes before, and so there was no documentation 
   of that capability nor any tests.  (There are tests now, though, of course.)
   Instances of quoting the datatype name are probably infrequent in the wild,
   so we do not expect the impact of this bug to be too severe.
   Upgrading is still strongly recommended.
<p>Fixes for three other minor issues were included in this patch release.
   The other issues would have normally been deferred until the next scheduled
   release, but since a patch release is being issued anyhow, they might as
   well be included.

newsitem {2016-04-08} {Release 3.12.1} {
<p>SQLite [version 3.12.1] is an emergency patch release to address a 
   [|crash bug] that snuck
   into [version 3.12.0].  Upgrading from version 3.12.0 is highly
<p>Another minor problem involving datatypes on [view] columns, and
   a query planner deficiency are fixed at the same time.  These two
   issues did not justify a new release on their own, but since a release
   is being issued to deal with the crash bug, we included these other
   fixes for good measure.

newsitem {2016-03-29} {Release 3.12.0} {
<p>SQLite [version 3.12.0] is a regularly scheduled maintenance release.
   A notable change in this release is an
   [increase in the default page size] for newly created database files.
   There are also various performance improvements.
   See the [version 3.12.0|change log] for details.

newsitem {2016-03-03} {Release 3.11.1} {
<p>SQLite [version 3.11.1] is a patch release that fixes problems in the
   new [FTS5] extension and increases a default setting in the [spellfix1]
   extension, and implements enhancements to some of the Windows makefiles.
   The SQLite core is unchanged from 3.11.0. Upgrading is optional.

newsitem {2016-02-15} {Release 3.11.0} {
<p>SQLite [version 3.11.0] is a regularly scheduled maintenance release.

newsitem {2016-01-20} {Release 3.10.2} {
<p>Yikes!  An optimization attempt gone bad resulted in a 
[ | bug in the LIKE operator]
which is fixed by this patch release.
Three other minor but low-risk fixes are also included in the patch.

newsitem {2016-01-14} {Release 3.10.1} {
<p>SQLite [version 3.10.1] is a bug-fix release primarily targeting the
fix for the query planner bug
[|cb3aa0641d9a4] discovered by
Mapscape.  Also included is a minor API enhancement requested by
the Firefox developers at Mozilla.  The differences from version 
3.10.0 are minimal.

newsitem {2016-01-06} {Release 3.10.0} {
<p>SQLite [version 3.10.0] is a regularly scheduled maintenance release.


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