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Requirements numbering:


  A:  F  -  Functional requirements a.k.a "high-level"
      D  -  Derived requirements
      A  -  Advice. Target behavior. Non-binding objectives.
      L  -  Limitations.  Requirements for using SQLite 

  F1----     C interface
  F10---       global state
  F100--         version
  F101--         threadsafe
  F102--       constants
  F11---     VFS
  F12---     Database connection
  F121--       sqlite3_exec
  F1220-       enable extended result codes.
  F1222-       sqlite3_last_insert_rowid
  F1224-       sqlite3_changes & sqlite3_total_changes
  F1227-       sqlite3_interrupt
  F1228-       trace and profile callbacks
  F1234-       busy handler
  F1237-       sqlite3_get_table
  F125--       authorizer
  F126--       load extension
  F127--       sqlite3_open
  F1276-       sqlite3_limit
  F128--       Error handling
  F129--       callback interfaces
  F13---     Prepared statements
  F135--       binding values to prepared statements
  F137--       sqlite3_column_xxx()
  F15---     sqlite3_value
  F151--       sqlite3_value_xxx()
  F16---     Extension mechanisms
  F161--       create function
  F162--       aggregate context, etc.
  F163--       soft heap limit
  F164--       sqlite3_result_xxx()
  F166--       Create collation
  F167--       Collation needed
  F170--       Mutexing
  F173--       Memory allocation
  F174--       Printf
  F178--       Incremental blob I/O
  F18---     Virtual tables

  F2----     File Format