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Times are relative to the check-in time for [0901dcce] which is 2014-05-12 22:36:50.

current Makefile.msc
[0901dcce] Improve a comment in the MSVC makefile. No changes to code. (user: mistachkin, branch: trunk)
7.0 hours src/mutex_w32.c
[93ffbcc0] In mutex_w32.c, make inclusion of the Windows header file dependent on SQLITE_OS_WIN, not SQLITE_MUTEX_W32. (user: mistachkin, branch: trunk)
2.2 days tool/mkvsix.tcl
[f6237a5f] Merge updates from trunk. Emit the AppliesTo and DependsOn SDK manifest attributes when building the VSIX for Windows Phone 8.1. (user: mistachkin, branch: vsixWinPhone81)
2.2 days tool/win/sqlite.vsix
[0a4f5967] When using Visual Studio 2013, add the appropriate MaxPlatformVersion attribute to the VSIX SDK manifest. (user: mistachkin, branch: trunk)
5.1 days main.mk
[116bed5a] Include sqlite3rtree.h in the tsrc/ pile of source files during target_source in the main.mk makefile. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.1 days src/where.c
[68766f83] Remove a superfluous variable initialization. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.1 days src/func.c
[1c086dee] A better fix for the group_concat() problem. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.1 days ext/fts3/fts3_expr.c
[e21bf7a2] Fix the way parenthesis in MATCH expressions are handled by FTS if the tokenizer considers them to be token characters. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
5.2 days test/func.test
[0deac873] Make sure the group_concat() function returns an empty string, not a NULL, if it has at least one input row. Fix for ticket [55746f9e65f8587]. (user: drh, branch: tkt-55746f9e)
5.3 days src/pager.c
[e193aced] Fix nolock and immutable so that they work even if READONLY is requested. (user: drh, branch: win32-none)
5.3 days src/sqlite.h.in
[19d56cba] Add test cases and documentation for the nolock and immutable query parameters. (user: drh, branch: win32-none)
7.0 days tool/build-all-msvc.bat
[c1ab9092] When building for Windows 8.0 using Visual Studio 2013, make sure the cross-compilation native library path is set correctly. (user: mistachkin, branch: trunk)
7.1 days src/os_win.h
[3ac75725] Attempt to fix the build on beagleboard. (user: drh, branch: winHdr)
7.2 days src/os_win.c
[a3cfd813] Merge updates from trunk. (user: mistachkin, branch: winHdr)
7.2 days src/os_setup.h
[dd6eb5d1] Fix several header file comments. No changes to code. (user: mistachkin, branch: winHdr)
10.3 days test/fuzz.test
[faa46935] Fix a broken test case in fuzz.test. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
11.1 days src/select.c
[427409ae] Fix an obscure problem to do with temp register allocation that could occur if more than one simple SELECT within a compound SELECT uses a partial sort. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
11.1 days src/analyze.c
[be2702ce] Add #ifdefs for test coverage. Add a testcase(). (user: drh, branch: trunk)
11.5 days test/wal2.test
[2b935bde] Update a test case in wal2.test that explicitly corrupts a checksum in the wal file to account for the fact that the first byte of said checksum may initially be 0xFF. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
12.2 days test/cost.test
[9bbca48b] Fix a problem in calculating the costs of "OR" scans. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
12.3 days test/eqp.test
[9b975bf3] Update a couple of test cases to account for the fact that this branch prefers an index scan and partial sort over a full-table scan and full external sort. (user: dan, branch: experimental-costs)
12.3 days tool/logest.c
[32910c8c] Improved rendering of LogEst values corresponding to real values near 0.0 in the tool/logest.c utility program. (user: drh, branch: experimental-costs)
12.4 days src/sqliteInt.h
[b9f91317] Fix long-standing typos in comments. (user: drh, branch: experimental-costs)
13.1 days src/build.c
[e2d42f90] Test that the default values used when sqlite_stat1 data is not available are calculated correctly. Fixes for the same. (user: dan, branch: experimental-costs)
13.4 days test/skipscan2.test
[2dc5a0b5] Fix a test case so that it updates sqlite_stat1 consistently. (user: dan, branch: experimental-costs)
14.1 days test/index6.test
[a8ae93f0] Do not reduce the number of rows scanned at all for "IS NOT NULL" constraints. Fix a bug in calculating the number of rows visited by scans of partial indicies. (user: dan, branch: experimental-costs)
14.2 days ext/rtree/rtree.c
[af2cbe64] Add the sqlite3_rtree_query_callback() API to the RTree virtual table. (Cherrypick from the sessions branch.) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
14.3 days test/unordered.test
[20f468df] Update unordered.test to take into account for the fact that SQLite now prefers a full-table scan over a non-covering index scan that visits a large percentage of the table rows. (user: dan, branch: experimental-costs)
14.4 days test/analyze9.test
[1b95544f] Add an extra column to a table in analyze9.test to give the planner a little more reason to select an index. (user: dan, branch: experimental-costs)
14.5 days test/analyze3.test
[35f46a55] Update test script analyze3.test to account for the fact that SQLite now prefers a full-table scan over a non-covering index scan that visits a large percentage of the table rows. (user: dan, branch: experimental-costs)
16.1 days test/orderby5.test
[dee20409] Fix an sqlite3_stmt_status() problem caused by recent changs on this branch. (user: dan, branch: experimental-costs)
16.1 days test/e_createtable.test
[f5a26365] Update requirements marks to fix typos in the requirements text. No changes to code. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
16.2 days src/insert.c
[349f4834] Allow the xfer optimization to proceed if the DEFAULT on the very first column of the two tables is different. This is a refinement of the fix for ticket [f67b41381a]. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
17.1 days src/whereInt.h
[c51efaa5] If the user provides likelihood() data for a WHERE clause term used as part of an index key, have the planner use it when calculating the expected number of rows visited by the loop. (user: dan, branch: experimental-costs)
17.2 days test/orderby7.test
[5ada136f] Add test cases to ensure correct operation of joins with a virtual table that include DISTINCT and ORDER BY clauses. Verification for ticket [388d01d4bb8f9]. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
17.3 days src/pragma.c
[1bd74c49] Store values loaded from the stat1 table as logarithmic values in memory. (user: dan, branch: experimental-costs)
18.1 days test/autoindex1.test
[c5a6ec0a] Changes to the way the planner calculates the costs of various table and index scans. Some test cases still failing. (user: dan, branch: experimental-costs)
21.4 days test/tkt-b75a9ca6b0.test
[65d2544a] Comment tweaks on the test case for the [b75a9ca6b0] bug fix. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
24.9 days src/main.c
[9c696196] Add the SQLITE_TESTCTRL_BYTEORDER test control to interrogate SQLite's notion of the processor byte order and whether the byte order is known at compile-time or determined at run-time. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
28.1 days src/alter.c
[c6fa8d0d] Make sure the undocumented sqlite_rename_parent() function does not crash even if it is invoked with NULL arguments. Ticket [264b970c4379fd4b94] (user: drh, branch: trunk)
29.1 days src/delete.c
[ab23abf3] Remove the unused second argument from sqlite3ExprCachePop(). Add an ALWAYS() on an always-true conditional in sqlite3VdbeResolveLabel(). (user: drh, branch: trunk)
32.8 days src/rowset.c
[a67b5312] Modify the OR-clause handling so that it can safely deal with OR-clause with 17 or more terms. Fix for ticket [10fb063b1179be53ea0b53bb]. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
38.3 days test/wal.test
[e54330b4] Ensure the "PRAGMA journal_mode=WAL" works coming from any other journal_mode with ATTACH-ed databases. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
41.9 days src/btree.c
[834bf1c3] Remove an unnecessary conditional, replacing it with an assert(). Improvements to comments. (user: drh, branch: overflow-pgno-cache)
41.9 days src/btreeInt.h
[96385dc4] Fix a compiler warning when SQLITE_DIRECT_OVERFLOW_READ is defined. Minor performance enhancement and size reduction. (user: drh, branch: overflow-pgno-cache)
42.0 days src/btree.h
[f6211540] Merge in the latest changes and fixes from trunk. (user: drh, branch: overflow-pgno-cache)
42.1 days test/whereH.test
[b7830d23] Also make sure an index that is a proper subset of some other index has a higher cost than that other index. Add test cases. (user: drh, branch: query-plan-experiments)
42.4 days src/mem5.c
[b3296267] Avoid a (harmless) buffer overread that is possible on an OOM when MEMSYS5 is engaged. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
45.3 days test/wal64k.test
[27deb6e4] Disable the wal64k.test script for non-unix systems since it depends on unix-only features. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
45.8 days src/vdbe.h
[7fa85eaa] Enhance the sqlite3VdbeRecordCompare() routines so that if they encounter database corruption, they will set the UnpackedRecord.isCorrupt field and return 0. The sqlite3BtreeMovetoUnpacked() routine detects this and returns SQLITE_CORRUPT, causing the corruption to be reported back to the top-level. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
49.3 days test/tkt-a8a0d2996a.test
[221f8f94] Fix arithmetic operators so that they do not change the affinity of their input operands. Ticket [a8a0d2996a]. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
51.9 days VERSION
[9760879d] Increase the version number to 3.8.5. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
52.1 days test/with2.test
[1f413aca] Avoid leaking memory in an obscure case where the flattener adds an ORDER BY clause to the recursive part of a recursive query. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
52.2 days test/limit.test
[179ef816] Fix the OFFSET clause so that it works correctly on queries that lack a FROM clause. Ticket [07d6a0453d4ed8]. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
52.3 days test/orderby6.test
[e70cfa28] New test case for block-sorting. (user: drh, branch: orderby-planning)
53.1 days src/vdbesort.c
[eca35871] Merge trunk fixes for "x IN (?)" handling. (user: drh, branch: orderby-planning)
53.1 days src/parse.y
[d5a1530b] Remove a testcase() that is now always true due to the "x IN (?)" optimization. Add an ALWAYS() around a conditional in the parser that cannot be false. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
53.2 days test/in4.test
[2ea4a9f7] The "x IN (?)" optimization in check-ins [2ff3b25f40] and [e68b427afb] is incorrect, as demonstrated by the in4-5.1 test case in this check-in. The "COLLATE binary" that was being added to the RHS of IN was overriding the implicit collating sequence of the LHS. This change defines the EP_Generic expression node property that blocks all affinity or collating sequence information in the expression subtree and adds that property to the expression taken from RHS of the IN operator. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
53.5 days src/os_unix.c
[e3d2be3b] Add a test to ensure os_unix.c works with 64KiB OS pages. (user: dan, branch: shm-mapping-fix)
54.0 days test/distinct.test
[01afbf97] Fix query planner weights associated with choosing block-sorting. Fix block sorting of tables with collating functions. Fix various test cases. All "veryquick" tests are now passing, though more tests need to be added. (user: drh, branch: orderby-planning)
56.3 days src/printf.c
[ecd9d3f9] Clean up some obsolete "register" declarations in printf.c. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
61.1 days test/fts3ao.test
[6504aa47] Fix an obscure bug causing sqlite3_close() to fail if there are virtual tables on the disconnect list when it is called. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
61.1 days ext/fts3/fts3.c
[c67a52c3] Changes to FTS to ensure that it does not access the database from within the xConnect method. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
62.0 days src/test_btree.c
[968fec44] Combine the various boolean fields of the BtCursor object into a single bit-vector. This allows setting or clearing more than one boolean at a time and makes the overflow-pgno-cache branch faster than trunk on speedtest1. (user: drh, branch: overflow-pgno-cache)
62.1 days src/vdbeblob.c
[da591985] Enable the b-tree cursor object's overflow page-number cache, which is normally enabled only for incr-blob cursors, for all cursors. (user: dan, branch: overflow-pgno-cache)
62.6 days ext/rtree/rtreeD.test
[5527e236] Add a test to see what happens if an rtree constructor encounters an SQLITE_BUSY error. No changes to code. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
63.1 days test/skipscan1.test
[0769eebd] Adjustments to the cost computation for the skip-scan query plan, to take into account the fact that a seek has to occur on each skip. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
63.2 days src/trigger.c
[0a5318bc] Attempt to work around MSVC's treatment of __LINE__ as a non-constant value in "Edit and Continue" mode by avoiding the use of __LINE__ when SQLITE_VDBE_COVERAGE is not defined. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
66.8 days test/uri.test
[fdc651e2] Avoid calling sqlite3OsDelete() on a file that is open, since this causes Windows to run *very* slowly. Comes up on error recovery in journal_mode=PERSIST. (user: mistachkin, branch: trunk)
67.2 days test/corruptH.test
[c0d54b4e] Do not run corruptH.test in mmap mode. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
68.1 days ext/misc/spellfix.c
[bfd75f47] Always include the ctype.h header in the spellfix.c extension. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
68.1 days test/join.test
[e406d4bb] Avoid running a couple of test cases that use realloc() extensively if SQLITE_MEMDEBUG is defined. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
68.2 days src/ctime.c
[f33f2b3f] Add SQLITE_OMIT_CTE to the list of compile options that might be returned by "PRAGMA compile_options". (user: dan, branch: trunk)
68.3 days test/capi3.test
[d4fbc05d] Add a test case for the problem fixed by [1d134ba2ed]. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
68.3 days src/vdbeapi.c
[1d134ba2] When converting a result type from TEXT to BLOB using the sqlite3_value_blob() interface, continue to report SQLITE_TEXT as the true type from sqlite3_value_text() as long as that text is still valid. The maintains legacy behavior from before the noMemType change. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
68.9 days src/test5.c
[bac2820e] Experimental simplification of memory flags/type handling. (user: mistachkin, branch: noMemType)
69.1 days test/view.test
[554501f1] Avoid indexing off the front end of an array when creating a view with two or more blank column names in the SELECT statement that defines the view. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
69.1 days test/alter4.test
[e072cb3e] Fix a problem with "DEFAULT (-(-9223372036854775808))" clauses in ALTER TABLE ... ADD COLUMN commands. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
69.4 days test/tkt-4ef7e3cfca.test
[1e57f67b] Fix comment in test. (user: mistachkin, branch: trunk)
69.5 days src/resolve.c
[5bcd0b1c] Fix name resolution problem in sub-selects within triggers, ticket [4ef7e3cfca]. (user: mistachkin, branch: trunk)
70.2 days test/selectF.test
[c0fa0c0e] Change an OP_SCopy into an OP_Copy in a case where the destination might be used after the source has changed. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
70.2 days test/tester.tcl
[559835e5] Change the "explain_i" tcl test command so that xterm color codes are only added if the output is actually a terminal. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
72.2 days src/utf.c
[44e1c337] Change the MEM_Dyn flag so that it means that Mem.xDel exists and must be used to free the string or blob. Add tighter invariant checks on Mem. (user: drh, branch: enhanced-mem-check)
73.2 days test/pragma.test
[3a09f560] Update some test cases that deal with corrupt databases. (user: dan, branch: experimental)
75.4 days test/shell5.test
[9c2e7612] In the command-line shell for CSV import, if the lines are \r\n terminated and the last field is blank, make sure an empty string and not a "\r" string is imported. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
75.8 days test/where2.test
[dca1945a] Improved handling of constants and especially constant functions in the ORDER BY clause of a query. Do not optimize out "ORDER BY random()". Fix for ticket [65bdeb9739605cc2296]. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
76.0 days test/tkt-8c63ff0ec.test
[97a8c973] Do not allow temporary registers to be in use across an OP_Yield within a co-routine. Fix for ticket [8c63ff0eca81a9132d8]. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
77.1 days src/test_loadext.c
[53081e72] Enhance testing support for the Win32 VFS dynamic extension loading facilities. (user: mistachkin, branch: trunk)
77.1 days test/walro.test
[d6746cab] Close some stray connections in walro.test. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
80.5 days Makefile.in
[09cf240a] Merge updates from trunk. (user: mistachkin, branch: winHdr)
82.1 days src/update.c
[c1e94169] Add the VdbeCoverageNeverTaken() macro, and comments that better describe how the VDBE branch coverage measurement works. Add some tags to provide 100% VDBE branch coverage. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
82.3 days src/fkey.c
[d2c047f3] Add the SQLITE_NOTNULL P5 code for comparison operations - really a composite of SQLITE_NULLEQ and SQLITE_JUMPIFNULL. This flag indicates that NULL operands are not possible and raises and assert() if NULL operands are seen. Also omit an unnecessary scan of the sqlite_sequence table when writing into an AUTOINCREMENT table. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
82.9 days test/select4.test
[85b355cf] Make sure a multi-row VALUES clause works correctly in a compound SELECT. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
84.3 days test/insert.test
[f29d194e] Add a test case for OP_SoftNull. (user: drh, branch: insert-optimization)
84.9 days tool/vdbe_profile.tcl
[7adb3da2] Fix the VDBE_PROFILE logic. Add a script to process the output file. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
85.9 days test/insert4.test
[aa2d8b0e] Enhance the code generator for INSERT INTO ... SELECT so that the SELECT generates output directly in the registers that INSERT INTO will be using, in many cases, and OP_SCopy operations can thus be avoided. (user: drh, branch: insert-optimization)
86.9 days test/where.test
[e07a32f3] Seek past NULLs in a top-constrained search. Avoid checking for NULLs in the body of the search. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
87.9 days src/tclsqlite.c
[9e573198] Revise how the Tcl system encoding is handled by the test suite. (user: mistachkin, branch: trunk)
88.0 days README.md
[b22b6140] Improvements to the makefile and README for MSVC. (user: mistachkin, branch: trunk)
88.1 days src/wal.c
[48c821fd] Ensure that if the "psow=0" URI option or FCNTL_POWERSAFE_OVERWRITE file-control is used to clear the power-safe overwrite flag, extra padding frames are added to the WAL file. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
88.4 days autoconf/tea/tclconfig/install-sh
[b81ba7a4] Update the tclconfig files to the latest from http://core.tcl.tk/tclconfig. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
89.3 days test/without_rowid1.test
[5d01426d] Make sure "rowid" columns are correctly resolved in joins between normal tables and WITHOUT ROWID tables. Fix for ticket [c34d0557f740c45070]. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
90.3 days test/shell1.test
[f5ad1e1b] Updates to the command-line shell. Simplify the banner message. Add the ".save" command as an alias for ".backup". When starting with no arguments, include a banner message warning that the database is transient and in-memory and mention the ".open" command. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
90.9 days test/tkt-4c86b126f2.test
[c950d6c4] Make sure that virtual WHERE-clause terms do not get transformed into real terms when processing set of OR-connected terms. Fix for ticket [4c86b126f22ad]. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
92.2 days test/with1.test
[67bfd59d] Use the WITH clause to help resolve names for SELECT statements on the left of a compound query. Proposed fix for ticket [31a19d11b97088296a]. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
98.2 days src/pcache.c
[b60cc11e] Performance optimizations in sqlite3PcacheFetch(). (user: drh, branch: trunk)
101.4 days sqlite3.1
[21ce9e3a] Update the "sqlite3.1" unix manpage document. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
101.7 days autoconf/tea/doc/sqlite3.n
[492585c8] Minor change to TEA extension docs in an attempt to make links work correctly. (user: mistachkin, branch: teaDoc)
102.2 days test/e_select.test
[1973d80e] Update evidence marks on SELECT tests. Comment changes only. No changes to code or tests. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
102.4 days test/permutations.test
[b222b61a] Do not run test script mmapfault.test as part of the "inmemory_journal" permutation test. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
104.1 days tool/showdb.c
[27c27daa] Fix harmless compiler warnings in the showdb utility program. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
105.3 days test/pager4.test
[48d736c0] Fix a couple of problems with new test scripts causing the permutations test to fail. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
105.3 days test/e_select2.test
[be1acb61] Update some requirements marks to conform with improvements in the documentation. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
105.3 days test/pagerfault.test
[ba8d2d50] Fix a problem in pagerfault.test causing an assert() to fail. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
105.6 days test/spellfix.test
[08acfc65] Fix some problems in test scripts. No code changes. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
107.4 days tool/omittest.tcl
[b30db0ac] Fix a problem causing SQLITE_OMIT_COMPOUND_SELECT builds to fail. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
108.0 days ext/fts3/fts3_hash.c
[87bf6063] Fixes for various clang warnings. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
108.3 days src/hash.c
[b1824344] Use an unsigned integer to accumulate the string hash. Avoids compiler warnings. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
108.3 days test/closure01.test
[1b6405d9] Add a few more CTE test cases to closure.test. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
109.3 days test/capi3c.test
[f4a701d5] Modifications to test files to omit any tests that intentionally access out-of-bounds locations in clang -fsanitize=address builds. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
112.1 days test/vtab1.test
[7d9e2218] In where.c, do not allocate space in sqlite3_index_info structures for the internal WHERE clause "terms" generated to record column equivalencies. Fix for ticket [1a1a194d1e5f8]. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
114.3 days test/withM.test
[d38d485e] Add extra test cases. No changes to code. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
115.3 days test/keyword1.test
[9ca18a01] Add tests that verify that keywords WITH, WITHOUT, and RECURSIVE can still be used as table and column names. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
115.3 days src/tokenize.c
[6a549187] Fix some problems to do with WITH clauses and name resolution. (user: dan, branch: common-table-expr)
116.0 days test/auth.test
[9efc120a] Add the ability for the authorizer callback to disallow recursive queries. (user: drh, branch: common-table-expr)
116.3 days test/like.test
[16bd5478] Always use available indices to optimize LIKE operators even if the pattern of the LIKE operator has a COLLATE modifier. This fixes an ineffiency that was introduced into 3.7.15 by check-in [8542e6180d4] on 2012-12-08. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
118.5 days tool/lemon.c
[f61a7058] Fix harmless compiler warning in LEMON. (user: mistachkin, branch: trunk)
121.4 days tool/mkkeywordhash.c
[da98b720] Parse common table expressions. But do not do anything with them (yet). (user: drh, branch: common-table-expr)
121.8 days addopcodes.awk
[cb5d1f83] Optimizations to the SQL language grammar that result in a small size reduction and speed increase. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
122.1 days test/misc1.test
[632045f2] Fix CREATE TABLE ... AS so that it works with column names that are empty strings. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
128.3 days test/fts3join.test
[24f84b38] Instead of having the planner ignore plans with unusable MATCH constraints, have FTS assign extremely high costs to such plans in order to discourage the planner from using them. (user: dan, branch: avoid-unusable-match)
131.4 days src/random.c
[a221aa82] Enhance sqlite3_randomness(N,P) such that it resets the internal PRNG if N is less than 1. Subsequent calls to sqlite3_randomness() will reinitialize the internal PRNG by calling the xRandomness() method of the default VFS. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
140.1 days src/prepare.c
[c289a253] Move elements of the Vdbe object that are only used during statement preparation out into the Parse object. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
142.3 days ext/fts3/fts3_porter.c
[df056798] Fix harmless compiler warnings in FTS4. This involved corrupting Martin Porter's beautifully written and elegant stemmer code, making it a little less beautiful and a little less elegant. Today is a sad day. But the warnings from GCC grow increasingly verbose and irksome with each new release and so something had to be done. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
142.3 days test/shell2.test
[96397263] Fix the ".echo on" dot-command of the shell so that it echos comments in addition to SQL statements and dot-commands. Add the --explain option to speedtest1 so that the output can be piped into the command-line shell to show nicely-formated VDBE code for the entire test. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
143.3 days src/attach.c
[df70a1f3] Allow any arbitrary expression as the filename in an ATTACH statement, including functions and subqueries. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
144.2 days src/os.c
[8eb28d23] Do not inject OOM faults into SQLITE_FCNTL_COMMIT_PHASE_TWO file-control invocations. It causes problems for test scripts. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
144.3 days test/attach3.test
[ca3fdfd4] Make sure errors encountered while initializing extensions such as FTS4 get reported out from sqlite3_open(). This fixes a bug introduced by check-in [9d347f547e7ba9]. Also remove lots of forgotten "breakpoint" commands left in test scripts over the years. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
146.3 days src/vdbetrace.c
[6db7052e] Add the printf() SQL function. (user: drh, branch: printf-sql-function)
149.4 days src/callback.c
[5716fc23] Allow the SQLITE_DETERMINISTIC flag to be ORed into the preferred text encoding of application-defined functions, to mark the function as deterministic. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
150.1 days src/pager.h
[e00f37e2] Create and use a new pager interface sqlite3PagerUnrefNotNull() that works just like sqlite3PagerUnref() but guarantees that its argument is not a NULL pointer. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
150.3 days src/backup.c
[9d347f54] Simplication and optimization of error message handling. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
152.3 days src/test6.c
[552f94d5] Add the SQLITE_FCNTL_SYNC and SQLITE_FCNTL_COMMIT_PHASETWO file-controls and have the pager call them at appropriate times. This is needed in order to enable ZIPVFS to do multi-file atomic commits. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
152.9 days tool/vdbe-compress.tcl
[4d078147] Do not run the tool/vdbe-compress.tcl script that generates the vdbeExecUnion object that reduces the size of the sqlite3VdbeExec() stack frame unless the SQLITE_SMALL_STACK compile-time option is specified as on of the OPTS in the makefile. The vdbeExecUnion object gets in the way of C-compiler optimizer and results in slightly slower code. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
153.1 days src/malloc.c
[48ecf187] Simplify and improve the performance of the sqlite3VdbeMemGrow() routine. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
154.0 days test/win32longpath.test
[c43b59da] Correct the VFS name as reported by the file control when explicitly using the 'win32-longpath' VFS. (user: mistachkin, branch: trunk)
160.2 days test/fts3varint.test
[b654a4ec] Fix a typo in fts3varint.test preventing the valgrind permutation test from running. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
160.5 days test/conflict2.test
[e4164fd8] Modify test file conflict2.test so that it works with the "inmemory_journal" permutation. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
160.5 days test/fuzz3.test
[9d8a0e13] Add a "database_may_be_corrupt" directive to test file fuzz3.test. Reformat an assert() statement in vdbeaux.c to make its intent clearer. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
164.3 days src/global.c
[15e4f63d] Add a new sqlite3_test_control() that indicates that database files are always well-formed. Use this during testing to enable assert() statements that prove conditions that are always true for well-formed databases. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
165.1 days test/fkey_malloc.test
[65a5bce3] Update a few test cases to account for the new error message formats. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
165.7 days test/temptrigger.test
[c3b7a0e6] Fix a test case in temptrigger.test so that it works in auto-vacuum mode. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
166.1 days test/e_expr.test
[ec2d47a1] Update documentation of sqlite3_column() for clarity. Update evidence marks on test cases. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
166.9 days test/hook.test
[b408d788] Add additional test cases and requirements evidence marks for WITHOUT ROWID. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
167.2 days test/wordcount.c
[6f91dca0] Fix a possible NULL pointer deference in the wordcount test program. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
167.3 days test/atof1.test
[fafca560] Do not try to run the atof1.test test script on ARM hardware which lacks the "long double" type. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
167.3 days test/autoinc.test
[6f53fc71] Change the REAL-to-INTEGER casting behavior so that if the REAL value is greater than 9223372036854775807.0 then it is cast to the latest possible integer, 9223372036854775807. This is sensible and the way most platforms work in hardware. The former behavior was that oversize REALs would be cast to the smallest possible integer, -9223372036854775808, which is the way Intel hardware works. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
167.9 days Makefile.vxworks
[540f5525] Further work on Windows header file reform. (user: mistachkin, branch: winHdr)
168.0 days src/test_malloc.c
[51e87607] Clarify docs for the SQLITE_CONFIG_WIN32_HEAPSIZE option. (user: mistachkin, branch: winHeapSize)
170.9 days test/win32heap.test
[f09f11e9] Add experimental sqlite3_config option to control the native Win32 heap size. (user: mistachkin, branch: winHeapSize)
172.0 days test/run-wordcount.sh
[586c11ed] Modify wordcount so that timer information appears on standard error instead of standard output. Rename the run-wordcount.bash script to run-wordcount.sh and simplify it so that it stands a better chance of running on non-GNU systems. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
172.2 days mkopcodeh.awk
[d4ccf0f5] Make sure the OP_Next and OP_NextIfOpen opcodes are numbered close together for efficiency in switch() statements. OP_Prev and OP_PrevIfOpen too. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
178.2 days test/default.test
[79ec485b] Add test cases for INSERT INTO ... DEFAULT VALUES on tables with numeric constants in CHECK constraints. (user: drh, branch: expr-codegen-enhancement)
178.9 days src/vtab.c
[8dc5c76c] Rework the logic that factors constant expressions out of inner loops, making it both simpler and faster. (user: drh, branch: expr-codegen-enhancement)
180.2 days tool/mkpragmatab.tcl
[8ce33f4c] Add the "PRAGMA vdbe_eqp" command, only available with SQLITE_DEBUG. Simplify some of the other debugging logic. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
181.0 days src/mem1.c
[4e7e805e] Adjust the SQLITE_MALLOCSIZE defines, primarily to make sure _msize gets used with MSVC when appropriate. (user: mistachkin, branch: trunk)
181.2 days ext/fts3/fts3_snippet.c
[aa7ba302] When possible, have FTS use 32-bit operations to read varints from the database. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
181.3 days test/count.test
[91174779] Make sure the count(*) optimization works correctly on WITHOUT ROWID tables. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
182.8 days test/dbstatus.test
[569fedd6] Fix issue with several memory allocation tests due to KeyInfo allocations now being shared. (user: mistachkin, branch: trunk)
184.2 days test/tableopts.test
[b1abb2b0] Throw an error if AUTOINCREMENT appears in a WITHOUT ROWID table. Updates to API documentation to discuss WITHOUT ROWID. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
185.2 days src/test_multiplex.c
[830629d3] Merge the Cygwin directory separator fix. Also fix a C++-ism in the multiplexor code so that it will compile on MSVC. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
188.1 days test/conflict3.test
[573cc274] Fix conflict handling for the case when the rowid uses REPLACE but other unique constraints use FAIL or IGNORE. (user: drh, branch: omit-rowid)
188.3 days test/backcompat.test
[ace7e7b6] Updates to the backcompat.test test script so that it works with really old (3.6.*) versions. (user: dan, branch: omit-rowid)
188.4 days test/autovacuum.test
[54b22192] Standardize the error messages generated by constraint failures to a format of "$TYPE constraint failed: $DETAIL". This involves many changes to the expected output of test cases. (user: drh, branch: omit-rowid)
191.0 days test/without_rowid2.test
[39e32187] Many new test cases added, that mostly work. Currently 18 errors in without_rowid3.test. Also there is a hack marked by a /*FIXME*/ comment on at fkey.c:547 that needs fixing. (user: drh, branch: omit-rowid)
191.5 days tool/spaceanal.tcl
[ac711459] Import the sqlite3_analyzer fixes from trunk. (user: drh, branch: omit-rowid)
191.5 days src/test_stat.c
[42a11e74] A pair of sqlite3_analyzer bug fixes: (1) quote strings in the SQL at the end of the output. (2) Fix test_stat.c so that it no longer misses some overflow pages on internal index pages. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
193.7 days test/crash8.test
[72389c29] Enable some more tests on Windows. (user: mistachkin, branch: trunk)
194.1 days test/e_reindex.test
[0d4fea74] Continue working to get UPDATE operational for WITHOUT ROWID tables. Fix PRAGMA integrity_check so that it works on WITHOUT ROWID tables. (user: drh, branch: omit-rowid)
194.4 days test/misc3.test
[72d45eb7] In the P4 column of the EXPLAIN listing, abbreviate "keyinfo" as just "k" and "BINARY" as just "B". (user: drh, branch: omit-rowid)
194.8 days magic.txt
[8530a18f] Add the "Esri Spatially-Enabled Database" file format to the magic.txt file. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
194.8 days mkopcodec.awk
[e1a89b56] Add the SQLITE_ENABLE_EXPLAIN_COMMENTS compile-time option to enable extra commentary in the EXPLAIN output. Formerly, this was only available with SQLITE_DEBUG. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
196.1 days test/transitive1.test
[05a35b09] Add regression tests for ticket [c620261b5b5]. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
201.3 days src/vacuum.c
[579815ff] Get VACUUM and the xfer optimization working with WITHOUT ROWID. (user: drh, branch: omit-rowid)
205.2 days ext/misc/vfslog.c
[4bd592c8] Improved header comment with better instructions on the vfslog.c extension. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
205.3 days test/auth2.test
[56dca4a6] Fix a bug causing an "malformed database schema error" error if a temp table with the same name as an existing table that has at least one temp trigger attached to it is created. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
209.1 days ext/fts3/fts3_aux.c
[891df358] Add the "languageid" hidden column to fts4aux. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
209.3 days src/test7.c
[1086e00b] Changes to test code to make sure no server threads are left running after server1.test finishes. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
209.5 days ext/misc/totype.c
[a38adeb7] Fix harmless macro redefinition warnings in the totype extension. (user: mistachkin, branch: noWarnings)
210.1 days test/fts4incr.test
[0bf438fc] Fix a crash in FTS incremental phrase processing that can occur if the second or subsequent token is much more common in the dataset than the first. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
212.1 days test/fkey5.test
[8c13a7fd] In "PRAGMA foreign_key_check", treat missing parent tables as empty (instead of as errors). (user: dan, branch: fkc-missing-parent-tables)
213.0 days test/attach2.test
[1be0a3ad] Identify requirements text in the SQLITE_CONFIG_ documentation. Fix a typo (a duplicated word) in part of that documentation. Add some requirements marks for DETACH to the test scripts. No code changes. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
213.1 days src/date.c
[5e0d43ab] Add requirements marks. No code changes. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
213.3 days test/func3.test
[5f01cd36] Additional test cases and requirements marks for the unlikely(), likelihood() and instr() functions. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
213.3 days tool/warnings.sh
[7df06684] Fix various harmless compiler warnings. Change the "warnings.sh" script to work with STAT4 instead of STAT3. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
214.4 days tool/pagesig.c
[34212aa8] Another fix to the hash signature algorithm in vfslog.c. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
216.1 days test/select1.test
[65553ff3] Rollback some of the previous changes in the branch such that the estimated row sizes are now only used as a tie-breaker for index scans. (user: drh, branch: row-size-est)
220.3 days test/subquery.test
[2f394de8] Fix test cases so that they work when the query planner uses index size estimates to determine whether or not to try an covering index scan. (user: drh, branch: index-scan-rate)
220.8 days test/analyze6.test
[6c352edb] Progress toward using the iScanRatio information on indices. Many tests are still failing. (user: drh, branch: index-scan-rate)
221.4 days test/triggerE.test
[f35f6ae3] Return an error if an attempt is made to create a trigger with an SQL variable embedded within it. If such a variable reference is found within a trigger definition loaded from the sqlite_master table, silently replace it with a NULL. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
221.5 days src/test_init.c
[eec3187b] Remove unnecessary memset() calls from test code. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
223.1 days tool/fast_vacuum.c
[e0db7b38] Fix comments in the fast_vacuum.c demonstration program. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
224.1 days test/amatch1.test
[ad71c72b] Add some timing tests to the amatch test script. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
224.2 days test/fts3snippet.test
[fa0f2f0e] Fix a performance problem in the FTS4 auxiliary functions triggered by an OR clause in the full-text query. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
224.2 days ext/misc/amatch.c
[60413473] Fix memory leaks in the amatch extension. Add a few simple test cases. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
224.5 days test/fts4docid.test
[6622424a] Have fts4 full-text queries consider "docid<?" and similar constraints. (user: dan, branch: fts4-docid-range-constraints)
225.7 days ext/misc/nextchar.c
[0b7bd468] Fix typo in comment. No changes to code. (user: mistachkin, branch: trunk)
226.2 days test/fts3defer3.test
[a6cd14ef] Add new test file fts3defer3.test. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
228.3 days test/sharedlock.test
[1f8f4fdf] Obtain the required shared-cache write-lock when executing "DELETE FROM tbl" statements. Fix for [1e1321ee98]. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
228.5 days test/shared3.test
[1e1321ee] Fix a faulty assert() in sqlite3BtreeBeginTrans() that may fail in shared-cache mode. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
238.1 days src/sqlite3.rc
[e6459062] Readability improvements to the Win32 RC file. (user: mistachkin, branch: trunk)
241.0 days test/bigfile2.test
[650b3282] Fix test issues for Windows portability. (user: mistachkin, branch: trunk)
241.1 days test/softheap1.test
[c326356f] Add the soft_heap_limit pragma. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
243.3 days test/tpch01.test
[eb5cef83] Add test cases to cover TPC-H Q8. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
249.2 days test/fkey7.test
[e940b5de] When preparing an UPDATE statement, avoid generating VDBE code for those foreign key related actions and constraint checks that may be seen to be unnecessary by considering the subset of table columns potentially modified by the UPDATE. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
250.2 days test/analyzeB.test
[f929e9b4] Add tests to improve coverage when SQLITE_ENABLE_STAT3 is defined. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
254.7 days src/mem2.c
[b48cfd2d] Fix harmless MSVC compiler warning with MEMDEBUG defined. (user: mistachkin, branch: cygwinTempPath)
255.2 days test/whereF.test
[79e458ef] If the cost of two whereLoop objects is the same in every way except that one has fewer expected output rows than the other, then choose the one with fewer output rows. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
256.5 days test/tkt-9f2eb3abac.test
[c1152bdc] Candidate fix for [9f2eb3abac]: Have the whereShortCut() planner ignore indexes with more than four columns. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
257.2 days configure.ac
[ecd52ccf] Update list of supported Tcl shells to include 8.6. Remove stray OS2 references. (user: mistachkin, branch: mmapDisabled)
257.3 days test/where9.test
[caab361e] In the query optimizer, when converting BETWEEN and LIKE/GLOB expressions into simpler forms for processing, be sure to transfer the LEFT JOIN markings. Fix for ticket [bc878246eafe0f52c]. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
258.3 days sqlite3.pc.in
[2460dfd8] Update sqlite3.pc.in to use @PACKAGE_VERSION@ instead of @RELEASE@. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
262.4 days tool/mkautoconfamal.sh
[375b4e3d] Modify script mkautoconfamal.sh to use the download.html naming convention for the tar.gz it creates. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
264.1 days test/malloc5.test
[ef2a6a37] Minor fixes for test cases. No code changes. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
264.1 days test/collate2.test
[f9859fe9] Fix typo in test. (user: mistachkin, branch: trunk)
264.6 days test/malloc_common.tcl
[a95ae93b] Fix a minor problem in progress.test. No code changes. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
265.2 days test/indexedby.test
[ef192abb] Fix an invalid assert() in where.c. Also a crash that can occur in the EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN code under obscure circumstances. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
265.2 days test/whereA.test
[e476408e] Ignore IS NOT NULL and NOT NULL constraints on NOT NULL columns. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
266.2 days test/fts3matchinfo.test
[1c63e951] Add some extra assert() statements to silence a few clang warnings. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
270.0 days test/resolver01.test
[f2d175f9] Make sure that GROUP BY terms select input column names in preference to output column names, in compliance with the SQL standard. Ticket [1c69be2dafc28]. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
271.1 days test/analyze8.test
[bdce612b] Change the way ANALYZE works to use a single cursor when scanning indices. (user: dan, branch: sqlite_stat4)
273.1 days test/analyze.test
[cca8bf43] If ENABLE_STAT3 is defined but ENABLE_STAT4 is not, have ANALYZE create and populate the sqlite_stat3 table instead of sqlite_stat4. (user: dan, branch: sqlite_stat4)
278.3 days src/test_intarray.h
[0ad83ceb] Add a guard #ifndef to test_intarray.h to prevent harm if it is #included more than once. Add a comment on the closing #endif of the guards on sqlite3.h and test_multiplex.h. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
279.2 days src/test_autoext.c
[89930ea3] Adjust #ifdefs in test_autoext.c so that it compiles with SQLITE_OMIT_LOAD_EXTENSION. Fix compiler warnings in two other test modules. No changes to the core. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
280.0 days ext/misc/vtshim.c
[240f7252] For the vtshim module, always zero out the xChildDestroy function pointer after calling it. (user: mistachkin, branch: trunk)
283.0 days test/e_delete.test
[21302076] Updates to requirements marks. No code changes. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
298.3 days ext/misc/regexp.c
[7acc8cd3] Documentation changes to warn that sqlite3_set_auxdata() might call the destructor even before it returns. Also fix the regexp extension to deal with that case. Ticket [406d3b2ef91c]. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
299.1 days ext/misc/closure.c
[b1b0de29] Fix copy/paste errors in comments in the transitive_closure virtual table. No changes to code. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
301.2 days src/loadext.c
[cdce87eb] Add the sqlite3_cancel_auto_extension(X) interface which will undo a prior call to sqlite3_auto_extension(X). (user: drh, branch: trunk)
305.3 days test/queryonly.test
[6557c407] Add the experimental "query_only" pragma. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
305.3 days src/status.c
[527121ac] Add the "defer_foreign_keys" pragma and the SQLITE_DBSTATUS_DEFERRED_FKS value for sqlite3_db_status(). This is a cherry-pick of a sequence of five checkins in the sessions branch between [1d44e5d3c2] and [d39e65fe70]. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
307.8 days test/select9.test
[52a49cbc] Make sure the schema is verified prior to processing a "WHERE 0" on the first term of a compound SELECT statement. Fix for ticket [490a4b723562429] (user: drh, branch: trunk)
310.2 days test/memsubsys1.test
[cdb97d41] Fixes for test cases running in the "mmap" permutation. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
311.2 days test/mmap3.test
[ff8c3f78] Replace an erroneous SQLITE_OMIT_VIRTUAL_TABLE in vdbeaux.c with SQLITE_OMIT_WAL. Also fix some test script problems. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
311.5 days ext/misc/percentile.c
[9676280a] Make a couple of implicit casts explicit to fix compiler warnings. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
311.9 days ext/fts1/fts1.c
[f2ab8747] Modify several extensions to use the new exported function naming. Fix some shared library compilation issues. (user: mistachkin, branch: extRefactor)
314.9 days ext/misc/ieee754.c
[1c3ed47b] Fix harmless typos in comments of two extensions. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
315.2 days test/tkt-868145d012.test
[72919ec3] Add a missing test that prevented double LEFT JOINs with transitive constraints from working correctly. Fix for ticket [868145d012]. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
318.1 days test/wal6.test
[f308c485] Allow read transactions to be freely opened and closed by SQL statements run from within the implementation of user-functions if the user-function is called by a SELECT statement that does not access any database tables (e.g. "SELECT user_function();"). (user: dan, branch: trunk)
319.2 days test/capi3d.test
[1937fd8e] Make sure that sqlite3_stmt_readonly reports false for PRAGMA journal_mode and PRAGMA wal_checkpoint. Ticket [a589ec069e3]. Also keep track of whether a prepared statement does no reading or writing. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
320.3 days test/boundary3.tcl
[ebac5afa] Update the boundary3.tcl script so that it can be run with tcl 8.5 or 8.6 to regenerate boundary3.test. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
320.5 days test/fts3malloc.test
[0fe31f60] Cut over the next generation query planner. Increase the version number to 3.8.0. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
325.2 days test/fts4noti.test
[b53c0c41] Add a few more tests for the fts4 notindexed option. (user: dan, branch: fts4-notindexed)
333.3 days src/memjournal.c
[3a72af2a] Make the MIN() and MAX() macros available in sqliteInt.h. Add TUNING comments to the NGQP and adjust costs slightly. (user: drh, branch: nextgen-query-plan-exp)
334.2 days test/orderby1.test
[addd7f46] "make test" now passing. (user: drh, branch: nextgen-query-plan-exp)
335.2 days ext/misc/fuzzer.c
[ba897100] Improved processing of DISTINCT. (user: drh, branch: nextgen-query-plan-exp)
335.8 days test/whereE.test
[36373b85] Fixes to EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN output. Change weights back to something closer to what they are in legacy. More test case fixes. (user: drh, branch: nextgen-query-plan-logcost)
335.9 days test/between.test
[e612664a] Handle virtual tables correctly when using logarithmic costs. Fixes to test cases. (user: drh, branch: nextgen-query-plan-logcost)
336.0 days ext/rtree/rtree8.test
[aa580e36] Fix test cases for the new EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN format. Add the wherecosttest tool. Other fixes to logarithm cost. (user: drh, branch: nextgen-query-plan-logcost)
341.3 days ext/fts3/fts3_unicode2.c
[6cfd9af5] Up until now the fts4 "unicode61" tokenizer has treated all private use codepoints except the first and last of each of the three ranges as alphanumeric (eligible to be part of tokens). This commit fixes this so that all private use codepoints are considered alphanumeric. In other words, it fixes the handling of codepoints 0xE000, 0xF8FF, 0xF0000, 0xFFFFD, 0x100000 and 0x10FFFD. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
341.4 days test/contrib01.test
[96afe508] Add a test case contributed on the mailing list that works in NGQP but fails in legacy. (user: drh, branch: nextgen-query-plan-exp)
343.0 days test/fuzzer1.test
[e2c1af78] Adjust the xBestIndex methods on both the fuzzer and transitive_closure virtual tables so that an unused MATCH operator gets a really large cost. Remove ambiguities from the fuzzer test cases. (user: drh, branch: nextgen-query-plan-exp)
343.1 days test/descidx1.test
[6bc71dfc] Pull in recent trunk changes. Fix the ORDER BY optimizer so that it is better able to deal with COLLATE clauses. Clean up ambiguities in the descidx1.test script. (user: drh, branch: nextgen-query-plan-exp)
348.3 days test/fts4merge4.test
[09e5a7ad] Add tests for running FTS 'merge' and 'optimize' commands in shared cache mode. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
350.2 days autoconf/INSTALL
[048865e8] Add the files used to build the amalgamation-autoconf package. (user: dan, branch: autoconf-package)
350.5 days test/trace2.test
[3cd2da42] When writing to an FTS table, take an exclusive shared-cache lock on the %_segdir table before writing. Otherwise, an xCommit() call may report an SQLITE_LOCKED error. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
360.4 days mptest/multiwrite01.test
[d0c2288c] Use sum() instead of total() in mptest/multiwrite01.test too. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
360.4 days mptest/crash01.test
[8ba0fc98] Use sum() instead of total() in the mptest/crash01.test script. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
360.4 days test/mmap1.test
[cec0a06c] Add extra "PRAGMA mmap_size = N" statements to mmap1.test and mmap2.test. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
362.3 days test/collate3.test
[b10b9e75] Extra test for commit [6dae62c4e5]. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
362.3 days test/sharedA.test
[65ff754e] Fix the sharedA.test module so that it does not attempt to run TCL callbacks on a different thread from where the interpreter was originally created. (user: drh, branch: shared-cache-fixes)
362.4 days ext/misc/rot13.c
[8f9bd8e7] Add the rot13.c loadable extension. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
1.01 years ext/fts3/fts3_tokenize_vtab.c
[1fa8c457] Fix a couple of harmless compiler warnings in the fts3_tokenize virtual table. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
1.01 years ext/misc/wholenumber.c
[ceff8955] Fix the wholenumber virtual table so that it returns higher costs for unconstrained usage. (user: drh, branch: nextgen-query-plan-exp)
1.01 years test/selectE.test
[fc3630cd] Make sure the ORDER BY collating sequences are compatible with the comparison collations before using the merge algorithm for compound SELECT statements. Candidate fix for ticket [6709574d2a8d8]. (user: drh, branch: tkt-6709574)
1.03 years src/wal.h
[b81e87e7] Minor fixes for compilation with SQLITE_OMIT_WAL defined. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
1.04 years test/fuzzerfault.test
[e81e9ca1] Update 'fuzzerfault' test for its new module loading command. Fix several test names in 'io.test' and make sure the database gets closed between tests. (user: mistachkin, branch: trunk)
1.04 years src/test2.c
[05ba5e23] More refinements to Windows OSTRACE usage. Replace all usage of sqlite3TestErrorName() with sqlite3ErrName() and add missing return codes. (user: mistachkin, branch: winOsTrace)
1.05 years tool/build-shell.sh
[aabeea98] Fix the tool/build-shell.sh script to remove references to files that are now loadable extensions. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
1.05 years test/8_3_names.test
[efcc9dd0] Make test_wholenumber.c into a loadable extension and move it to ext/misc/wholenumber.c. (user: drh, branch: std-ext)
1.05 years test/selectD.test
[39b4e6ff] Make sure the affinity and datatype of sub-subqueries are initialized prior to subqueries as the latter relies on the former. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
1.05 years test/regexp1.test
[860fc393] Make "test_regexp.c" into a loadable extension and move it over to ext/misc/regexp.c. Add the "load_static_extension" command for testing purposes. (user: drh, branch: std-ext)
1.06 years src/test_sqllog.c
[206caf21] Enhanced documentation for the SQLITE_CONFIG_SQLLOG mechanism and the test_sqllog.c demonstration file. No changes to code. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
1.07 years mptest/mptest.c
[e94783f3] Fix an incorrect comment (a copy/paste error) in the mptester. No code changes. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
1.07 years mptest/config01.test
[ea1404a1] Refactoring the mmap interface. The controlling pragma is now "mmap_size" instead of "mmap_limit". Also change SQLITE_CONFIG_MMAP_LIMIT and SQLITE_FCNTL_MMAP_LIMIT to SQLITE_CONFIG_MMAP_SIZE and SQLITE_FCNTL_MMAP_SIZE, respecctively. The default mmap_size is now always 0, meaning that memory mapped I/O is off by default. There is a new compile-time option SQLITE_MAX_MMAP_SIZE that determines a hard upper bound on the mmap_size. Setting SQLITE_MAX_MMAP_SIZE to zero disables the memory-mapped I/O logic and causes it to be omitted from the build. An extra argument is added to SQLITE_CONFIG_MMAP_SIZE that can optionally lower the SQLITE_MAX_MMAP_SIZE at start-time. The SQLITE_MAX_MMAP_SIZE is zero for platforms where we know that it does not work, meaning that it cannot be turned on by mistake on those platforms. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
1.09 years mptest/crash02.subtest
[f0d95afc] Use symbolic names for tasks in mptester. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
1.09 years ext/rtree/rtree5.test
[0adf8a3a] Correct test numbering on several rtree tests. (user: mistachkin, branch: trunk)
1.10 years src/legacy.c
[c1d7304c] Increase the default SQLITE_MAX_SCHEMA_RETRY to 50. Make sure that macro covers every case where a prepared statement might need to be reprepared due to a schema change. The sqlite3_exec() interface now uses sqlite3_prepare_v2(). (user: drh, branch: trunk)
1.10 years test/pager2.test
[07a0e4e9] Add tests to "permutations.test coverage-pager" to cover uncovered branches. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
1.11 years test/speed1p.test
[3098a3c1] Add test cases for errors in mmap() or mremap() is os_unix.c. (user: dan, branch: experimental-mmap)
1.13 years test/orderby4.test
[488089e6] A fix and test-case for the ORDER BY problem identified by ticket [a179fe7465]. This change causes sorting to occur in some cases where it is not strictly necessary. Further work is needed to avoid those extra sorts. (user: drh, branch: orderby-fix)
1.13 years test/tkt-6bfb98dfc0.test
[322a5f08] Candidate fix for ticket [6bfb98dfc0c]: Make sure invalid cursors drop all references to database pages prior to doing any insert or update. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
1.13 years test/incrblob.test
[a607d63f] Merge all recent trunk changes into the experimental-mmap branch. (user: drh, branch: experimental-mmap)
1.14 years ext/fts1/ft_hash.h
[6f6e2d50] Many spelling fixes in comments. No changes to code. (user: mistachkin, branch: trunk)
1.15 years test/numcast.test
[5b22053f] Fix text-to-numeric type casting so that it works correctly on UTF16 strings that contain characters where the LSB is numeric but the MSB is non-zero. Ticket [689137afb6da41] (user: drh, branch: trunk)
1.15 years test/dbstatus2.test
[6183f1bd] Add the sqlite3_io_methods.xMremap() method to the VFS interface. Also "PRAGMA mmap_size". (user: dan, branch: experimental-mmap)
1.15 years tool/mksqlite3h.tcl
[d1f41089] Bring makefiles and build scripts into alignment with the sessions branch. No changes to code. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
1.16 years src/pcache.h
[6f21d9cb] Use mmap() to read from the database file in rollback mode. This branch is unix only for now. (user: dan, branch: experimental-mmap)
1.17 years test/tkt-4dd95f6943.test
[0b452734] Enhance tests for ticket [4dd95f6943]. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
1.17 years test/descidx3.test
[38c6bddf] Fix a test case that had an ambiguous result. (user: drh, branch: desc-orderby-fix-1)
1.18 years test/triggerA.test
[e899b058] Add a test case for the problem fixed by the previous commit. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
1.18 years test/fts3ai.test
[e3939142] Skip tests that require UTF-16 support when compiled with SQLITE_OMIT_UTF16. (user: mistachkin, branch: trunk)
1.18 years test/incrvacuum_ioerr.test
[66576b45] Fix a problem in incrvacuum_ioerr.test. Do not run ioerr6.test with an in-memory journal. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
1.19 years test/tkt-fc7bd6358f.test
[7097241c] Fix a bug (ticket [fc7bd6358f59]) that caused incorrect query results in three way queries that involved comparing INTEGER and TEXT columns for equality. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
1.19 years test/index5.test
[b457c887] Add the test_fs.c test module to Makefile.in. Adjust the success criteria on index5-1.3 so that it works under auto_vacuum configurations. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
1.21 years test/tkt3762.test
[b73847f1] If a rollback mode transaction reduces the size of the database file, avoid actually truncating the file until after the transaction has been committed (but before the db has been unlocked). This means pages that are removed from the database by truncating the file need not be journalled. (user: dan, branch: incr-vacuum-opt)
1.25 years test/fkey4.test
[3f674375] Rename SQLITE_CONSTRAINT_RAISE to SQLITE_CONSTRAINT_TRIGGER. Put the extended constraint error codes in alphabetical order. Add many test cases for the extended constraint error codes. (user: drh, branch: constraint-error-codes)
1.29 years tool/showwal.c
[93b159da] Add btree-page decoding logic to showwal.c. Commands of the form: "showwal $FILE 123bmc" show the content of the btree page in frame 123. "b" means decode the btree. "c" means show cell content. "m" means give a map of the btree page. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
1.34 years test/orderby3.test
[7249bfc2] Fix the date on the new orderby3.test test case. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
1.35 years test/tkt3457.test
[e9ac5339] Remove superfluous text from a comment. (user: mistachkin, branch: trunk)
1.40 years test/tkt-a7b7803e.test
[0ae14217] A couple more test cases. (user: drh, branch: tkt-a7b7803e)
1.40 years src/journal.c
[8183d8d7] On atomic-write capable systems, if copying the contents of an in-memory journal to disk fails, close the (on disk) journal file before returning the error to the caller. This causes the subsequent rollback operation to use the in-memory journal. Fix for [df678d738adb]. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
1.41 years test/minmax.test
[7280e14c] Attempt to further generalize the min/max optimization so that, if an appropriate index exists, it can be used by any aggregate query that contains only a single aggregate of the form max(colname) or min(colname) and does not contain a GROUP BY clause. (user: dan, branch: minmax-opt)
1.42 years test/releasetest.tcl
[75e545a9] Modify releasetest.tcl so that it runs the "checksymbols" test on a build without SQLITE_DEBUG defined. If SQLITE_DEBUG is defined, the sqlite3WhereTrace variable causes the test to fail. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
1.43 years test/interrupt.test
[7b96115e] Veryquick passes all tests now. (user: drh, branch: ticket-71e333e7)
1.43 years test/tkt2822.test
[bd960d93] Improved error messages when column integers in an ORDER BY clause are out of range. (user: drh, branch: ticket-71e333e7)
1.43 years test/subquery2.test
[2d5f37c9] Ensure the VerifyCookie sub-routine has been run before the database is accessed in an obscure case. Fix for ticket [d6b36be38]. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
1.43 years ext/async/README.txt
[930ba852] Spelling and header fixes for the async extension. (user: mistachkin, branch: trunk)
1.43 years ext/async/sqlite3async.c
[c507ca4a] In the async VFS, treat the new error code SQLITE_IOERR_DELETE_NOENT as success for xDelete. (user: mistachkin, branch: trunk)
1.43 years test/filectrl.test
[1a63b1d5] Add the SQLITE_FCNTL_TEMPFILENAME file control that asks the underlying VFS to return a new temporary filename. Per request from NSS team at Mozilla. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
1.43 years test/shared9.test
[cc6e0785] Add a test case that demonstrates ticket [71e333e7d2e642]. (user: drh, branch: ticket-71e333e7)
1.43 years test/thread001.test
[51cbddd5] Modify a query in test/thread001.test to ensure that results are returned in the order expected by the test. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
1.43 years test/shared_err.test
[40c14395] Fixes to a test case in shared_err.test. The fix is to prevent sqlite3_prepare() from being called when the test intends to test the response of sqlite3_step() to an OOM condition. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
1.43 years test/wal9.test
[04ab2dc6] Update a couple of test scripts so that they work in auto-vacuum mode. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
1.46 years test/fts3conf.test
[e38fb02d] Fix a problem causing the "number-of-documents" field maintained by FTS4 to be set incorrectly by REPLACE queries. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
1.52 years test/aggnested.test
[62ebfa74] Adding test cases for ticket [bfbf38e5e9956a] (user: drh, branch: ticket-bfbf38e5e9)
1.53 years test/minmax2.test
[7af3acbb] Add an optimization that attempts to run a subquery as a coroutine rather than manifesting it into a temporary table. (user: drh, branch: subquery-as-coroutine)
1.56 years ext/fts2/fts2_icu.c
[aaa2d9b0] Make sure substructure elements have proper alignment in the ICU tokenizers of FTS2 and FTS3. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
1.57 years test/crash7.test
[db9b1fa5] Add a test for the problem fixed by [bf44d73d3e]. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
1.59 years src/lempar.c
[7b1a6e6c] Attempt to suppress warnings generated by Coverity. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
1.61 years test/orderby2.test
[956e4d7f] Update the query planner to recognize more cases where ORDER BY clauses can be optimized out. Add test cases to verify correct behavior of the ORDER BY optimization when the covering-index-scan optimization is disabled. Fix a harmless compiler warning in the TCL interface. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
1.61 years test/tclsqlite.test
[c1f10a26] Fix the TCL interface so that SQL functions implemented in TCL honor the "nullvalue" setting. Also remove from the TCL interface some unused legacy UTF8 translation code left over from SQLite2. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
1.62 years test/bigfile.test
[d869edda] Disable the bigfile tests on Macs. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
1.62 years test/collate5.test
[75cda864] Test cases and bug fixes applied to the ORDER BY optimization for joins. Some test cases fail, but except for the new orderby1.test failures, all failures appear to be issues with the tests, not with the core code. (user: drh, branch: qp-enhancements)
1.65 years test/in5.test
[5ded9b68] Enhance IN processing to allow efficient use of indices with numeric affinities. Add test cases for IN processing that would have spotted the error in the [2be661a48023f4] check-in. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
1.65 years tool/stack_usage.tcl
[030013ff] Add the stack_usage.tcl script for analyzing the output of objdump on the amalgamation and estimating the sizes of stack frames on each function. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
1.65 years test/coveridxscan.test
[ccb8ecc3] Add the ability to disable the covering-index-scan optimization at compile-time, start-time, or at run-time. Add test cases to check this configurability. (user: drh, branch: fullscan-covering-index)
1.66 years test/full.test
[c1a85570] Allow SQLite to work on Win32 with SQLITE_OS_WINNT=0 as long as WAL is disabled. (user: mistachkin, branch: trunk)
1.68 years test/lock.test
[43e474d3] Correct two test names to make them unique. (user: mistachkin, branch: busy-timeout-pragma)
1.71 years test/select6.test
[200a8135] Fix a case where SQLite was failing to detect a syntax error in queries like "SELECT ... FROM (<select-1> UNION ALL <select-2>)" when <select-1> and <select-2> return different numbers of result columns. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
1.71 years doc/lemon.html
[9b19b847] Fix all known instances of 'repeated the' style typos in comments. No changes to code. (user: mistachkin, branch: trunk)
1.73 years test/fts3defer.test
[e799222f] Add the SQLITE_DISABLE_FTS4_DEFERRED compile time option. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
1.73 years tool/checkSpacing.c
[be1faade] Change the checkSpacing utility program to ignore whitespace at end-of-line unless the --wseol option is used. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
1.76 years test/walthread.test
[a192a718] Fix a bug in walthread.test causing intermittent failures. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
1.82 years test/wal3.test
[e4163596] Ensure that there is always at least one aReadMark slot usable by an unprivileged reader while a checkpoint is running. Also, if one or more transactions are recovered from a log file, initialize one of the aReadMark slots to contain mxFrame as part of the recovery process. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
1.89 years src/mutex.h
[ff828c67] Remove support for OS/2 from the source tree. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
1.93 years test/shared.test
[7caca193] Fix a problem preventing a shared in-memory database from being attached to a read-only connection. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
1.93 years tool/warnings-clang.sh
[31fe1985] Fix harmless Clang warnings. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
1.94 years test/backup.test
[c4b86211] Revert sqlite3_close() to legacy behavior. Create a new sqlite3_close_v2() interface that exhibits the deferred-close behavior. This minimizes the chance of breakage in legacy apps. (user: drh, branch: deferred-close)
1.96 years test/fts3fault2.test
[e71495a8] If SQLITE_DISABLE_FTS3_UNICODE is defined, do not build the "unicode61" tokenizer. (user: dan, branch: fts4-unicode)
1.96 years ext/fts3/README.tokenizers
[8f3e60aa] Change the name of the "unicode" tokenizer to "unicode61" to emphasize that the case folding and separator-character identification routines are based on unicode version 6.1. (user: dan, branch: fts4-unicode)
1.96 years ext/fts3/unicode/CaseFolding.txt
[0c13570e] Add an experimental tokenizer to fts4 - "unicode". This tokenizer works in the same way except that it understands unicode "simple case folding" and recognizes all characters not classified as "Letters" or "Numbers" by unicode as token separators. (user: dan, branch: fts4-unicode)
1.98 years test/fuzz-oss1.test
[5519cc5e] Increase the version number to Minor changes to test scripts. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
2.00 years test/tkt-bdc6bbbb38.test
[f84d87bc] Before running each test script, make sure the FTS enhanced query syntax is disabled. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
2.05 years test/shell4.test
[9fb7da69] Move the shell test scripts into the test/ subfolder so that they are run automatically by "make test". (user: drh, branch: trunk)
2.06 years ext/fts3/fts3_term.c
[3281972e] Fix harmless compiler warnings on x64 MSVC, mostly in test code, but also in tclsqlite.c and in the FTS4 module. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
2.06 years test/fts4merge3.test
[de3f7187] Fix a harmless compiler warning in tclsqlite.c for MSVC x64. Fix a test case associated with the FTS4 merge feature. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
2.11 years ext/rtree/rtree4.test
[02b7640f] The SQLITE_RTREE_INT_ONLY compile-time option causes the RTree extension to use only integer math and store only integer coordinates. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
2.12 years test/savepoint7.test
[d2bf0efa] Test cases for RELEASE and ROLLBACK TO of a nested savepoint while queries are pending. Ticket [27ca74af3c083] (user: drh, branch: trunk)
2.13 years ext/fts3/tool/fts3view.c
[e3107631] Add output of PRAGMAs auto_vacuum and encoding to the "schema" command of the fts3view utility program. (user: drh, branch: fts4-incr-merge)
2.13 years test/fts3_common.tcl
[5c447e22] Remove the fts3merge.test script in favour of changing the fts4merge.test script so that it runs tests using both fts4 and fts3. Fix some problems with incr-merge and FTS3 tables. (user: dan, branch: fts4-incr-merge)
2.14 years test/bc_common.tcl
[ed69434c] An attempt at automatic incremental merging for FTS4. (user: drh, branch: fts4-auto-incr-merge)
2.15 years test/fts4langid.test
[f61d5fb0] Merge trunk changes into the fts4-incr-merge branch. (user: drh, branch: fts4-incr-merge)
2.15 years test/ioerr2.test
[affaebde] Modify a test in ioerr2.test to account for the new SQLITE_ABORT_ROLLBACK extended error code. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
2.16 years ext/fts3/fts3_tokenizer1.c
[74eadeec] Fix harmless compiler warnings. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
2.16 years test/fts4merge2.test
[57047372] Add tests for incremental merge code. (user: dan, branch: fts4-incr-merge)
2.18 years test/walbig.test
[82bcd7ec] On Windows, make sure the current directory value used by the test suite is 'normalized' to what the parent command shell sees. Also, clean the test directories used by the quota2.test file. (user: mistachkin, branch: trunk)
2.20 years test/multiplex3.test
[c267893a] Fix a case where an error code was being overwritten in multiplexDelete(). (user: dan, branch: trunk)
2.24 years test/journal3.test
[84b32460] On unix, ignore the umask when creating journal files. That way, journal files will have exactly the same permissions as the original database and any process that has permission to write to the database can also recover hot journals. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
2.24 years test/tkt-f777251dc7a.test
[549f4fd0] Add the new SQLITE_ABORT_ROLLBACK extended error code to be returned for statements that are cancelled due to a rollback. (user: drh, branch: nonblocking-rollback)
2.24 years test/shared2.test
[9b66c79e] Change the ROLLBACK command so that pending statements to not block it. The pending statements instead return SQLITE_ABORT upon next access. Note: This causes separate shared-cache connections in read_uncommitted mode to abort as well. (user: drh, branch: nonblocking-rollback)
2.25 years test/join6.test
[76bb649e] Changes to various test scripts so that veryquick.test runs with OMIT_COMPOUND_SELECT defined. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
2.26 years config.h.in
[16a47112] Add an autoconf test for malloc.h and use the results of that test to conditionally #include the malloc.h header file. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
2.28 years test/tkt3838.test
[0d78ebb8] Fix ALTER TABLE RENAME so that it correctly handles triggers that attach to the table using the name in a different case. Ticket [ae6794effd404]. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
2.33 years test/backup2.test
[227cfe11] Fix backup2.test so that it passes on OpenBSD (which produces a slightly different error message in one case). (user: dan, branch: trunk)
2.33 years test/shrink.test
[a298465c] Fix issues in test cases so that they work with DEFAULT_AUTOVACUUM defined. And with a small default cache-size. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
2.34 years test/multiplex.test
[12386197] Make sure the multiplexor does not create unnecessary overflow files. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
2.35 years src/mutex.c
[e9d05cbb] Fix typos and comments and make minor changes to a few function names, as suggested by readership. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
2.39 years test/journal2.test
[6191c5e4] Change the name ZERO_DAMAGE to the more descriptive POWERSAFE_OVERWRITE. The query parameter used to control this device characteristic is now "psow". (user: drh, branch: statvfs)
2.40 years test/superlock.test
[68684495] Modify test cases to account for the ZERO_DAMAGE change. (user: dan, branch: statvfs)
2.40 years test/incrvacuum2.test
[41891b23] Some fixes to the test suite so that it works with ZERO_DAMAGE set to true. Still lots more problems remain. (user: drh, branch: statvfs)
2.41 years test/walpersist.test
[49d21ce5] Add code for a test that was failing before the persistent-wal related changes of [09ccc4a1be]. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
2.42 years test/multiplex2.test
[ee1e0122] Change the multiplexor VFS so that xTruncate is a no-op on database files. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
2.42 years test/selectB.test
[5061d85f] Minor cleanups of the compound-subquery flattening logic. New test cases added for joins the compound subquery. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
2.44 years test/quota-glob.test
[fa718960] Documentation improvements and additional test cases. (user: drh, branch: quota-stdio)
2.49 years test/attach.test
[93a94798] Add the sqlite3_db_filename() interface. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
2.49 years src/test_pcache.c
[457513f2] Merge the PCACHE2 changes into trunk. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
2.53 years ext/fts3/README.content
[13a9d085] Add new file ext/fts3/README.content, describing the experimental FTS4 content option. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
2.53 years test/fts3fault.test
[3f2d49c6] Update fts3fault.test to account for the sqlite3_errmsg() related changes in [8f88cc4e61] and [dcb7879347]. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
2.54 years test/fts3drop.test
[3565fcf8] Avoid attempting to call savepoint related methods on deleted sqlite3_vtab objects. Fix for [48f299634a]. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
2.57 years test/fts3first.test
[df36ac94] Have FTS3 ignore ^ prefixes. The ^ syntax is only supported on FTS4 tables. (user: dan, branch: fts4-content)
2.57 years test/nan.test
[4becc47e] Avoid 32-bit integer overflow when evaluating the exponent of a floating point value during ascii to binary conversion. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
2.58 years test/tkt3793.test
[39408702] Added the tool/warnings-clang.sh script. Changes so that there are no warnings with either gcc or clang even including FTS4 and RTREE and both with and without SQLITE_THREADSAFE=0. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
2.58 years test/fts-9fd058691.test
[7e24645b] Handle updating the only row of an FTS table correctly. Fix for [9fd058691]. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
2.58 years test/tkt-fa7bf5ec.test
[e43da426] Make sure the query optimizer for aggregate queries knows that expressions (x='a') and (x='A') are different. Ticket [fa7bf5ec94801e7e] (user: drh, branch: trunk)
2.58 years tool/symbols-mingw.sh
[c41d1d46] Adjust the symbols.sh script for STAT3. Add the symbols-mingw.sh script for testing on windows with MinGW. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
2.59 years test/printf.test
[1f843fb3] Remove all precision and width limits from formatting fields in the sqlite3_mprintf() family of functions. Malloc for space as necessary. The prevents a stack overflow on very large numbers using %f. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
2.61 years test/fts3prefix.test
[0f439944] Improve test coverage of fts3.c. (user: dan, branch: fts4-content)
2.62 years test/vacuum.test
[9ddfe1e4] Disable the xfer optimization if "PRAGMA count_changes=1" is configured. Ticket [c48d99d690]. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
2.63 years test/attach4.test
[a38668dc] Fix some test files so that they work with SQLITE_OMIT_WAL builds. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
2.64 years test/pcache2.test
[4eb46898] Remove the SQLITE_PAGECACHE_BLOCKALLOC compilation option. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
2.70 years src/os_common.h
[64898485] The server1.test script should only run if mutexes are functional. Fix to the #ifdef change of check-in [9e6a4c1473]. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
2.70 years tool/tostr.awk
[df550066] Backslash escaping is not working right in tostr.awk on the latest ubuntu. The easiest fix is to simply not use any backslashes in the spaceanal.tcl script. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
2.70 years test/thread002.test
[20ddfb47] Enable the thread test logic to work with the SQLITE_HAS_CODEC compile-time option. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
2.72 years test/walbak.test
[35e6ac18] When copying a rollback mode database over a WAL database using the backup API, leave the destination database in WAL mode (instead of switching it to rollback mode). Fix for [af95b8c609]. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
2.75 years test/indexfault.test
[4ced2394] Add the SQLITE_OMIT_MERGE_SORT pre-processor directive. To omit the code in vdbesort.c. (user: dan, branch: experimental)
2.76 years tool/extract.c
[dfa22ed4] Add command-line utilities "offsets.c" and "extract.c" for use in low-level analyzsis of database files. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
2.78 years test/tkt-d635236375.test
[a2135ad1] Update the OP_Move opcode to shift the pScopyFrom pointer of aliases when compiled with SQLITE_DEBUG. Ticket [d63523637517386191]. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
2.78 years test/vtabF.test
[a55f4ab9] Make sure IS NOT NULL constraints work on virtual tables. Fix for ticket [6c14288a473ceff]. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
2.78 years test/alter2.test
[9007586f] Add retry logic for AV defense to winOpen. Also, refactor test suite to allow the key Tcl file operations (e.g. copy and delete) to be retried. (user: mistachkin, branch: winopen-retry-logic)
2.85 years test/tkt-54844eea3f.test
[9f14fa56] Fix for [54844eea3f]: Do not create automatic indexes on correlated sub-queries. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
2.85 years src/mem3.c
[a68b6580] Add a target to main.mk that will fail if the amalgamation contains any exported symbols that do not begin with "sqlite3_". Run this target from within releasetest.tcl. Add "static" to a couple of private functions in mem3.c. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
2.88 years test/exists.test
[d9f7993b] Add a case to permutations.test to run the veryquick test suite using sqlite3_prepare() instead of sqlite3_prepare_v2(). This helps to test the fix for bug [25ee812710]. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
2.89 years test/incrblob_err.test
[afbe9023] Fix a Windows line ending issue in a test case that was causing an incrblob test to fail. (user: shaneh, branch: trunk)
2.89 years test/tkt-91e2e8ba6f.test
[c271f7e8] Add a test for ticket [91e2e8ba6f]. No changes to code. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
2.89 years test/types3.test
[6e1f4df5] Change a test case in types3.test slightly so that it works with the latest versions of Tcl. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
2.89 years test/tkt-bd484a090c.test
[0e82175f] Change the error message returned when localtime_r() fails to "local time unavailable". Ticket [bd484a090c8077] (user: dan, branch: trunk)
2.91 years test/wal7.test
[177e2d72] Further tweaks to the wal7.test test case. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
2.93 years test/fts3rnd.test
[4e8dd19e] Fix problems to do with using both OR and NEAR operators in a single expression. (user: dan, branch: fts3-prefix-search)
3.01 years test/lock_common.tcl
[bb59f986] Add experimental support for read-only connections to WAL databases. (user: dan, branch: wal-readonly)
3.02 years test/cast.test
[1586244b] Changes to various test scripts so that they pass on windows. (user: dan, branch: win32-test-fixes)
3.06 years tool/getlock.c
[0ab24b13] Add the "getlock" utility for determining if a database file (on unix) is currently locked. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
3.09 years tool/rollback-test.c
[a65a7a59] Add a simple test program to aid in verifying that journals are cross-platform. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
3.10 years test/thread1.test
[532ae32e] Avoid running thread1.test or thread2.test if SQLITE_MUTEX_NOOP is defined. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
3.10 years test/thread_common.tcl
[e4e99606] Do not run multi-threaded Tcl tests if the library was built with SQLITE_MUTEX_NOOP defined. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
3.10 years src/btmutex.c
[614de91a] Fix a performance regression: Keep two btree masks in each prepared statement; one for btrees used and another for btrees that require locks. Only try to lock the btrees identified by the second mask. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
3.10 years src/sqliteLimit.h
[b7296fd3] Update a comment in sqliteLimit.h. No changes to code or tests. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
3.12 years tool/split-sqlite3c.tcl
[5d34e64d] Add a script that will break the amalgamation source file up into 4 or 5 smaller source files, each 32K lines or fewer, and a single "sqlite3-all.c" source file that #includes the others. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
3.12 years test/badutf2.test
[8088031b] Fix some problems in os_unix.c when compiled with ENABLE_LOCKING_STYLE on OSX. Also some minor issues with test scripts. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
3.14 years test/tableapi.test
[69fe0c87] Fix problem with tableapi.test on Windows. (user: shaneh, branch: trunk)
3.15 years test/tkt-f7b4edec.test
[eedbcf0a] Add a test case to verify that ticket [f7b4edece25c994857] is fixed. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
3.18 years test/mem5.test
[d7dae06f] Fix issue with mem5 allocator when min request size is larger thatn 2^30. (user: shaneh, branch: trunk)
3.25 years test/tkt-752e1646fc.test
[55973999] Skip flattening if subquery has LIMIT and outer query is DISTINCT. Fix for ticket [752e1646fc]. (user: shaneh, branch: trunk)
3.25 years test/tkt3824.test
[d78949fc] Allow an index paired with an IS NULL constraint to be used for sorting under the condition that the index be treated as a non-unique index. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
3.27 years test/fts3comp1.test
[3996f92a] Change fts4aux to (additionally) report on term frequency in individual columns of an fts table. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
3.29 years test/minmax3.test
[4847c6cb] Change the weighting of binary searches on tables to 1/10th the cost of a search on an index. Change the assumed reduction in search space from a indexed range constraint from 1/3rd to 1/4th. Do not let the estimated number of rows drop below 1. (user: drh, branch: stat2-enhancement)
3.29 years test/mutex1.test
[c86e46f4] Update test file mutex1.test to account for [e3b500fb5d]. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
3.39 years test/lookaside.test
[b0888047] Add test cases for the new lookaside hit and miss status outputs. Add the output of lookaside hit and miss to the command-line shell statistics. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
3.43 years src/test_superlock.c
[fe441df9] Work around restriction in Windows file locking. (user: shaneh, branch: trunk)
3.45 years test/e_resolve.test
[6858df9c] Add test file e_resolve.test. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
3.48 years test/threadtest3.c
[648dd157] Add file test/tt3_checkpoint.c that adds a multi-threaded test for blocking checkpoints to threadtest3. (user: dan, branch: blocking-checkpoint)
3.49 years test/wal_common.tcl
[7e3fc2c8] Add experimental command "PRAGMA wal_blocking_checkpoint", which uses the busy-handler to block until all readers have finished in order to ensure the next writer will be able to wrap around to the start of the log file. (user: dan, branch: blocking-checkpoint)
3.52 years art/sqlite370.ico
[62c494f6] Fix icon size so it's really 32x32. (user: shaneh, branch: experimental)
3.54 years test/fts3corrupt2.test
[b7702905] Test cases and minor changes to make fts3 more robust in the face of a corrupt database. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
3.55 years test/fts3cov.test
[7a2f2864] More coverage tests for fts3.c. (user: dan, branch: experimental)
3.56 years ext/fts3/fts3speed.tcl
[d0a450ce] Updates to FTS4 to improve performance and make more accurate cost estimates for prefix terms. (user: dan, branch: experimental)
3.60 years test/lock6.test
[759c954f] Fix minor test suite problems causing errors on OSX. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
3.61 years tool/showjournal.c
[fa97d895] Updates to the showjournal.c utility in order to bring it up to version 3. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
3.62 years test/tkt-3998683a16.test
[ca154f97] Do correct affinity transformations on floating point values which have a decimal point at the beginning or end of the mantissa. Ticket [3998683a16a7076e08f5]. (user: drh, branch: experimental)
3.62 years test/tkt-8454a207b9.test
[ce6cc16e] Fix the handling of default values for ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN columns so that is able to deal with negative numbers, including large negative numbers. Ticket [8454a207b9fd2243c4] (user: drh, branch: experimental)
3.62 years test/schema4.test
[655991ec] Fix some problems that can occur if a trigger has the same name as another database object. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
3.62 years test/tkt-b351d95f9.test
[57789cfe] Test case and fix for the specific failure of ticket [b351d95f9cd5ef17e9d9dbae]. (user: drh, branch: bug-b351d95f9c)
3.63 years test/misc4.test
[a7645d29] Enhance the ANALYZE command so that it gathers statistics in the sqlite_stat1 table even for tables that are empty or have no indices. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
3.64 years ext/rtree/rtreeA.test
[fab3b383] Add tests to e_delete.test. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
3.64 years test/stmt.test
[ba8ca9c9] Changes to test scripts to work with SQLITE_TEMP_STORE=2. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
3.65 years test/tkt-313723c356.test
[4ea134a8] Add a test case to verify that bug [313723c356] has been fixed. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
3.68 years test/releasetest.mk
[e1d4a87e] Remove proprietary information from the releasetest.tcl script and add it to the public repository. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
3.70 years ext/rtree/rtree3.test
[b06f4695] Add tests (and associated fixes) to restore coverage of rtree.c. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
3.70 years test/types.test
[0900e353] Remove the sqlite3BtreeFactory() wrapper routine. All modules now call sqlite3BtreeOpen() directly. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
3.71 years ext/rtree/rtree2.test
[1975a27c] Fix a couple of memory leaks in r-tree that can occur following an OOM condition. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
3.72 years test/tkt-5e10420e8d.test
[255f1eef] Fix for ticket [5e10420e8d]. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
3.74 years test/ioerr5.test
[56cc883d] Disable the SQLITE_MAX_PAGE_SIZE compile time option (it is now always set to 65536). Fix some other problems in test files. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
3.77 years test/pager3.test
[6217b607] Fix a bug to do with deleting the journal file when exiting exclusive-locking mode. (user: dan, branch: experimental)
3.79 years test/icu.test
[451d9657] Add tests to check that the ICU regexp() function can only be called with exactly two arguments. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
3.80 years Makefile.arm-wince-mingw32ce-gcc
[8118de2a] Update the makefiles to prefer TCL version 8.5 instead of 8.4. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
3.80 years src/notify.c
[ac1f37a6] Make sure all memory from sqlite3DbMalloc() is freed by sqlite3DbFree() and all memory from sqlite3_malloc() is freed by sqlite3_free(). (user: drh, branch: malloc-enhancement)
3.82 years test/fts3.test
[d692434b] Re-introduce the prefix-search optimization of [feef1b15d6], which was lost in a reorganization of FTS3 code. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
3.83 years test/tkt-80e031a00f.test
[6851c517] Additional test cases and evidence marks for the empty RHS bug on the IN operator - ticket [80e031a00f45dca877] (user: drh, branch: trunk)
3.83 years src/test_devsym.c
[c2d27cf5] Change the name of the xShmClose VFS method to xShmUnmap, everywhere. (user: drh, branch: experimental)
3.83 years test/lock2.test
[05ac2548] Fix problems with running the async.test script. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
3.85 years test/backup_malloc.test
[aef26438] Fix test case numbering in backup_malloc.test and issue when running under Windows. (user: shaneh, branch: trunk)
3.85 years test/trigger7.test
[f553c8ed] Changes to test scripts so that the "inmemory_journal" permutation works with [ef126e775a]. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
3.85 years test/mallocI.test
[dd59cea6] Fix issue in mallocI test script where db handle not released. (user: shaneh, branch: trunk)
3.88 years test/schema3.test
[a85ae332] Remove debugging code from test script. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
3.89 years test/ctime.test
[c6db3b30] Modify ctime.test to work with SQLITE_THREADSAFE=2. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
3.89 years test/walhook.test
[8d0f8a7f] Add a version number to the wal-index header. If SQLite encounters a version number in either the wal or wal-index files that it does not understand, the operation is abandoned and SQLITE_CANTOPEN returned. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
3.89 years test/async4.test
[85dd51a7] Some changes to test scripts related to codec enabled versions of sqlite. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
3.90 years test/tkt-fc62af4523.test
[7c3a86b9] Fix the tkt-fc62af4523.test to work around non-randomness of the randomblob() function when in testing mode. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
3.91 years test/quick.test
[6e43eed9] Add test file pager1.test, containing tests of inter-process locking in non-wal mode. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
3.92 years art/sqlite370.eps
[af353bd8] Adding original art for the new SQLite logo. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
3.93 years test/avtrans.test
[7c33eb5a] Change all.test, quick.test and permutations.test so that they use a separate interpreter for each test file. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
3.93 years test/capi3b.test
[c2edf8e1] Refactor some of the global variables and commands used by tester.tcl. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
3.95 years test/rowhash.test
[28efe0a4] In the rowhash.test, make sure global variables are cleared prior to use. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
4.00 years doc/vfs-shm.txt
[2b00152c] Refactoring the VFS-SHM methods used by WAL. This version compiles and runs non-WAL test cases but crashes and burns on wal.test. (user: drh, branch: wal-refactor)
4.00 years test/tkt-26ff0c2d1e.test
[7838163d] Remove the OP_Variable optimization of check-in [48b77b04935d894] since it can lead to malfunctions as described in ticket [26ff0c82d1e90]. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
4.05 years test/savepoint2.test
[205e5d8a] Add the "wal" permutation to run existing test files savepoint.test and savepoint2.test in WAL mode. (user: dan, branch: wal)
4.08 years test/select2.test
[defaf0d9] Further refinements to table order selection on join query planning. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
4.14 years test/fts3ac.test
[d37034f7] Fix for [9861b74ab9]. Correctly handle strings with zero tokens in the fts3 offsets() function. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
4.14 years test/init.test
[ad68fa65] Disable the "init.test" test script when compiled with SQLITE_THREADSAFE=0. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
4.21 years test/where6.test
[f0ae251a] Make sure the ON clause of a LEFT JOIN does not cause an index to be used to speed access to a table to the left of the join. Ticket [ebdbadade5] (user: drh, branch: trunk)
4.21 years test/schema.test
[a8c984c1] Fix an incorrect ALWAYS() macro in vdbeapi.c. Fix the output of a few test cases that changed due to better error propagation out of reprepare. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
4.21 years test/vtabA.test
[ff61e0fd] Fix an assertion fault that occurs when two different virtual tables are used in a single UPDATE statement. Ticket [d2f02d37f52b]. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
4.22 years src/complete.c
[7c4cca6d] Remove the obsolete sqlite3SafetyOn() mechanism. Add additional logging output for CORRUPT, and CANTOPEN errors. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
4.22 years test/vacuum4.test
[86d50ce5] Fix an assertion-fault/segfault problem that comes up when trying to VACUUM an auto-vacuumed database with a large schema. Ticket [da1151f97df244]. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
4.34 years tool/restore_jrnl.tcl
[08c545f0] Added option to restore_jrnl.tcl utility to hex dump journal pages. (user: shaneh, branch: trunk)
4.35 years test/fts3al.test
[8a208223] Change the fts3 snippet function to return (hopefully) more relevant snippets in less time. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
4.36 years test/fuzz2.test
[97f8a886] Minor changes to test scripts to support various SQLITE_OMIT options. (user: shaneh, branch: trunk)
4.40 years test/trace.test
[85e3c734] Fixed some TCL test cases to work if SQLITE_OMIT_TRIGGER is defined. (user: shaneh, branch: trunk)
4.43 years test/fts3ad.test
[5030ba2e] Add extra tests for parsing of whitespace in tokenizer declarations,. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
4.44 years test/fts3b.test
[ef5b7450] Modify a test in fts3b.test to reflect the fact that the docid field may now be updated. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
4.47 years src/test_tclvar.c
[83dc7d38] Make sure registers computed for the VFilter opcode are marked invalid after the VFilter opcode finishes. Ticket [16fbf14cb2]. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
4.50 years test/fts3ae.test
[30a92f11] Start reworking fts3 code to match the rest of SQLite (code conventions, malloc-failure handling etc.). (user: dan, branch: fts3-refactor)
4.50 years test/func2.test
[d7b3801d] Update comment for substrFunc(). Added additional SUBSTR() test cases. (user: shaneh, branch: trunk)
4.50 years test/coalesce.test
[d0591258] Additional test cases for the coalesce() and ifnull() functions. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
4.50 years test/intarray.test
[0c8db5d8] Additional intarray test cases and tweaks to comments. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
4.51 years ext/rtree/rtree_perf.tcl
[f6c045f6] Remove the obsolete "$Id:$" RCS identifier strings from the source code. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
4.52 years tool/lempar.c
[27d8e684] Enhancements to lemon to generate more compact action tables and to avoid making array bounds tests that can never fail on action table calculations. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
4.60 years tool/genfkey.test
[273ccbf1] Fix a problem in the legacy genfkey code to do with column names that require quoting. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
4.62 years test/boundary4.tcl
[e4eb227b] Various fixes so that "make test" works with OMIT_FOREIGN_KEY, OMIT_TRIGGER and OMIT_ALTER_TABLE. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
4.64 years test/tkt3201.test
[fb6ceed3] Fix compilation with OMIT_TRIGGER defined. Ticket [1ff6d29030]. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
4.69 years test/tkt-2ea2425d34.test
[f22e3887] Do not reuse function parameters in subsequent expressions since the function call might have triggered a text encoding change. Fix for ticket [2ea2425d34be]. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
4.70 years test/tkt3731.test
[e016cca3] Change "PRAGMA disable_recursive_triggers" to "PRAGMA recursive_triggers". Also a fix for compiling with OMIT_TRIGGER defined. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
4.70 years test/trigger9.test
[9eb91efd] Fixes for new triggers scheme. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
4.71 years test/trigger8.test
[9b9c1921] Changes to support recursive triggers. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
4.72 years test/tkt4018.test
[aa6acfa8] Fix a problem in os_unix.c where a malloc failure could lead to a leaked file descriptor. (user: dan, branch: trunk)
4.75 years test/whereB.test
[06098505] Tweak to the new whereB.test file to make it more consistent. (user: drh, branch: trunk)
4.79 years test/tkt3997.test
[b2784cf5] When flattening a SELECT query, do not discard collation sequences explicitly attached to expressions in the parent query. Fix for #3997. (CVS 6949) (user: danielk1977, branch: trunk)
4.81 years test/bind.test
[7f3fc7f2] Changes to test code (only) to allow veryquick.test to run with OMIT_UTF16 builsd. Ticket #3985. (CVS 6919) (user: danielk1977, branch: trunk)
4.83 years test/zeroblob.test
[25dd3422] Make sure the IN operator works with zeroblobs. Ticket #3965. Other simplifications associated with structural testing. (CVS 6890) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
4.87 years test/tkt3935.test
[29b48972] Report an error if a USING or ON clause is specified following a from-list element that is not to the right of a join operator. Fix for #3846. (CVS 6832) (user: danielk1977, branch: trunk)
4.90 years test/tkt3841.test
[3d7327fd] Fix a problem in vdbe.c that could cause a double-free of memory if the SQLITE_LIMIT_LENGTH is changed after a statement is prepared but before it is run. Also remove debugging statements from tkt3841.test. (CVS 6777) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
4.92 years test/tkt3911.test
[bd341a10] Make sure nested queries with USING clauses do not leak memory. Preliminary fix for ticket #3911. (CVS 6750) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
4.93 years test/savepoint4.test
[ed1d4f47] Change savepoint4.test to limit database growth. Otherwise the test can take a very long time to run, depending on the prng. (CVS 6737) (user: danielk1977, branch: trunk)
4.94 years test/fts3expr2.test
[1fef16ec] Remove leftover "breakpoint" commands from test scripts. Also remove blank lines at the end of scripts. (CVS 6721) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
4.95 years test/colname.test
[2472f6db] Add a test case for ticket #3893 and ticket #3894. (CVS 6705) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
4.96 years test/tkt3508.test
[4ac2bdfb] Additional refinements to Expr handling. Restore compression of trigger expressions. Change Expr.zToken to Expr.u.zToken and added Expr.u.iValue. Remove an unnecessary ExprDup from CHECK constraint processing. And so forth. (CVS 6682) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
4.96 years test/tkt1514.test
[7cb1c3ba] Simplifications to the Expr object: Remove Expr.span completely and convert Expr.token into a char* Expr.zToken. Also simplify the Token object by removing the Token.dyn and Token.quoted fields. (CVS 6681) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.03 years test/auth3.test
[694662f7] Work toward cleaning up the authorizer interface. Work is on-going. This is an incremental check-in. (CVS 6598) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.04 years test/blob.test
[e8556542] Fix an out-of-order test number in blob.test. Cosmetic change. No changes to code. Ticket #3830. (CVS 6564) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.06 years test/insert3.test
[e71fb0fb] Move the asynchronous IO code from src/test_async.c to ext/async/. Refactor it to be a standalone module and to support windows. (CVS 6539) (user: danielk1977, branch: trunk)
5.06 years test/alias.test
[dd4d67a6] Rework the column-cache mechanism to be more robust (and more correct). The column-alias cache is currently disabled, (CVS 6538) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.06 years test/make-where7.tcl
[f61e4cd9] Attempt to optimize virtual table queries with 'OR' expressions in the WHERE clause. (CVS 6527) (user: danielk1977, branch: trunk)
5.07 years test/bindxfer.test
[c29b37ea] Check-in (6514) did not completely remove the obsolete test, resulting in a segfault. This check-in finishes the job. Ticket #3802. (CVS 6516) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.10 years test/speed1.test
[0c41f7cf] Enhance sqlite3_shutdown() so that it automatically invokes sqlite3_reset_auto_extension(). This is a harmless no-op if applications are already calling sqlite3_reset_auto_extension() prior to sqlite3_shutdown(). And it prevents possible memory corruption if they do not. So it works either way. Most of the changes are to the test cases. (CVS 6475) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.10 years test/tkt3791.test
[8362d883] Do not attempt to walk a TokenOnly or SpanOnly expression tree node. Ticket #3791. (CVS 6469) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.10 years test/tkt2767.test
[277dace4] Fix compilation and testing when SQLITE_OMIT_TRIGGER is defined. Ticket #3786. (CVS 6464) (user: danielk1977, branch: trunk)
5.11 years test/bitvec.test
[ca3aa3ba] Increase test coverage of bitvec.c slightly. Fix the line length on a comment in bitvec.c. (CVS 6432) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.12 years test/tkt3761.test
[8c1d0c6a] Make sure a ROLLBACK that follows an incremental vacuum works. Ticket #3761. (CVS 6416) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.13 years test/lock3.test
[767a7f7b] Back out check-in (6380). Replace it with a proper fix to the xFullPathname method in the async VFS. (CVS 6398) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.21 years tool/genfkey.README
[36d69966] Remove genfkey.c. Change genfkey.README to talk about the new shell dot-command, not the old standalone genfkey program. (CVS 6326) (user: danielk1977, branch: trunk)
5.26 years test/distinctagg.test
[e20bf384] Better error message when DISTINCT is used on an aggregate function that takes two or more arguments. Ticket #3641. (CVS 6269) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.27 years test/schema2.test
[f92405af] Simplify wording of backup API error message. Decapitalize some other error messages. (CVS 6256) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.27 years test/substr.test
[cd2e7f6c] Check-in (6230) introduced a bugs in SUBSTR() which was caught by the fuzz tester. Fixed by this check-in. Related to ticket #3628. (CVS 6234) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.27 years test/tkt3630.test
[3b0a2554] Omit the TEMP keyword from the schema of TEMP tables created using CREATE TEMP TABLE AS SELECT ..... Ticket #3630. (CVS 6232) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.29 years aclocal.m4
[813a3c96] regenerate autotools (CVS 6211) (user: vapier, branch: trunk)
5.33 years test/tkt3581.test
[f5f5ef64] Here is the test case to prove that ticket #3581 is fixed. (CVS 6174) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.34 years test/mallocJ.test
[6e171c0a] More coverage improvements. (CVS 6148) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.34 years test/mallocK.test
[1e5725c5] Increased test coverage in where.c. (CVS 6146) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.35 years test/fuzz_common.tcl
[e02323b3] Reenable fuzz testing for all.test. Make sure the query flattener copies over aggregate information from expressions on outer query terms while flattening. (CVS 6112) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.36 years test/savepoint5.test
[3e9efb76] Reinitialize page 1 of the database file following a ROLLBACK TO of a transactional SAVEPOINT on an initially empty database. (CVS 6103) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.36 years test/boundary1.tcl
[b1a4a17f] Many of the boundary tests depend on a working 64-bit implementation of TCL, so skip them if this is not available. (CVS 6099) (user: shane, branch: trunk)
5.36 years ext/fts3/README.syntax
[ac8258da] Fix the name in the documentation of the compile-time macro for enabling FTS3 parenthesis processing. (CVS 6089) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.41 years test/randexpr1.tcl
[4685ffcc] Add test cases that verify evaluation of randomly generated SQL expressions. (CVS 6029) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.41 years test/tkt3541.test
[ea9b747e] Convert the "~" and "NOT" operators to be two-address instructions. Ticket #3541. (CVS 6028) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.43 years test/tkt3346.test
[4f10f19d] Additional test cases for nested subqueries in a WHERE clause. (CVS 5999) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.44 years test/tkt3522.test
[06d206ef] Expand table.* properly on a USING or a NATURAL join. Ticket #3522. (CVS 5979) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.51 years test/utf16align.test
[3f657e88] Prevent buffer overruns when converting malformed UTF16 to UTF8. Ticket #3482. (CVS 5869) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.52 years test/tkt3080.test
[51f04aaf] The COMMIT command now works even if there are pending queries, as long as the pending queries are reading and not writing the database. (CVS 5864) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.53 years test/altermalloc.test
[0996783b] Fix a crash that can follow a malloc failure in sqlite3ValueFromExpr(). Ticket #3468. (CVS 5851) (user: danielk1977, branch: trunk)
5.54 years test/laststmtchanges.test
[e68e4282] Make sqlite3_count_changes() and total_changes() work with "DELETE FROM ". (CVS 5844) (user: danielk1977, branch: trunk)
5.58 years test/eval.test
[b055bfc4] If sqlite3_column_value() is called to obtain a value with the MEM_Static flag set, clear it and set the MEM_Ephem flag before returning. Otherwise, if the value is passed to sqlite3_bind_value() or sqlite3_result_value(), sqlite may attempt to use the buffer after the statement has been finalized. This is not always valid, as MEM_Static only guarantees that a MEM.z buffer will be valid for the lifetime of the owner statement, not that it is actually a static buffer. (CVS 5812) (user: danielk1977, branch: trunk)
5.59 years test/wherelimit.test
[282c6a46] Further simplifications of the code for the LIMIT clause on an UPDATE or DELETE. Added a few test cases to wherelimit.test. (CVS 5797) (user: shane, branch: trunk)
5.59 years tool/mkspeedsql.tcl
[2d427746] New speed testing tools. (CVS 5786) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.60 years test/mutex2.test
[02a12eb1] Remove the SQLITE_MUTEX_APPDEF compile-time option. The SQLITE_THREADSAFE=0 option always removes all mutex code. For application-defined mutexes only, use SQLITE_THREADSAFE=1 with SQLITE_MUTEX_NOOP=1. Ticket #3421. (CVS 5779) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.60 years test/tkt3419.test
[c3cf54a1] Add a test script to verify that ticket #3419 stays fixed. (CVS 5771) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.62 years sqlite.pc.in
[efe095e0] fix #3077: use full version in pkg-config files (CVS 5746) (user: vapier, branch: trunk)
5.68 years ext/icu/sqliteicu.h
[79364b96] Add header file sqliteicu.h to the ICU extension. This is analogous to the rtree.h and fts3.h headers used by other extensions to declare their entry points. Fix for ticket #3361. (CVS 5680) (user: danielk1977, branch: trunk)
5.71 years test/tkt3334.test
[4995a1d1] Do not flatten subqueries where the subquery has a LIMIT and the outer query has a WHERE clause. Ticket #3334. (CVS 5613) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.72 years test/collate8.test
[0d61960a] Additional coverage testing in the new name resolver module. (CVS 5608) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.72 years test/crash2.test
[16f612d6] If the sector size is greater than the database page size, SQLite journals all pages that lie within a sector before writing to any of them. This change ensure that a journal sync does not occur halfway through journalling the set of pages that belong to a single sector. (CVS 5605) (user: danielk1977, branch: trunk)
5.73 years test/select5.test
[68557115] Reinsert an SCopy operation that was removed in (5523) because coverage testing indicated that it was dead code. Ticket #3324 shows that the code was not as dead as we thought it was. (CVS 5578) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.75 years test/tkt3292.test
[055f173a] A partial fix for ticket #3292. This fixes the original problem but there are other similar problems lurking in the code still. (CVS 5561) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.77 years mkso.sh
[ce5daa03] Revise build scripts in set SQLITE_ENABLE_COLUMN_METADATA on DLLs. (CVS 5539) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.77 years test/cse.test
[9ca975c8] Fix (make test) with SQLITE_OMIT_COMPOUND_SELECT. Ticket #3235. (CVS 5530) (user: danielk1977, branch: trunk)
5.78 years test/mallocH.test
[2cd6bae8] Bring test coverage up to 99%. (CVS 5522) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.79 years test/fts2r.test
[02870ed2] Backport http://www.sqlite.org/cvstrac/chngview?cn=5489 from fts3. Re-used prepared statement from fts2 cursor. (CVS 5499) (user: shess, branch: trunk)
5.79 years test/fts3e.test
[ae96d960] Add some simple tests to make sure that the different fulltextFilter query paths are being exercised. (CVS 5498) (user: shess, branch: trunk)
5.81 years test/fts2q.test
[c16900dc] Implement optimize() function. Backports check-in (5417) from fts3. (CVS 5458) (user: shess, branch: trunk)
5.81 years test/fts2p.test
[4e47394b] fts2 functions for testing scripts. Backports (5340) from fts3. (CVS 5456) (user: shess, branch: trunk)
5.84 years test/in2.test
[dcb16024] Remove leftover debugging commands (breakpoint and btree_breakpoint) from test scripts. (CVS 5400) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.84 years test/collate9.test
[636cd723] Remove unused code. Test coverage enhancements. Modify the algorithm used to select column names for VIEWs of joins so that the constructed column names omits the underlying table names. (CVS 5386) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.85 years test/delete2.test
[96df0a5f] 3 more coverage tests for btree.c. (CVS 5370) (user: danielk1977, branch: trunk)
5.85 years test/tokenize.test
[fe80aa58] Testing coverage enhancements. (CVS 5358) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.88 years tool/soak1.tcl
[1e3b8308] Change the TEMP_STORE preprocessor symbol to SQLITE_TEMP_STORE. (CVS 5312) (user: danielk1977, branch: trunk)
5.89 years spec.template
[66529ae3] Added ldconfig invocations for postinstall and postuninstall. Updated package URL and description to match the current website. (CVS 5287) (user: mihailim, branch: trunk)
5.92 years tool/speedtest8inst1.c
[98bdc7b4] Update utility program speedtest8inst1.c. (CVS 5201) (user: danielk1977, branch: trunk)
5.94 years ext/rtree/README
[9ab87b7b] Fix another typo in the rtree README file. (CVS 5187) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.96 years tool/speedtest16.c
[9883b406] Consolidated inline assembly versions of "hwtime()" into hwtime.h. Provided MSVC version. Modified code for consistent use of hwtime(). Changed implementation to use sqlite_uint64 and sqlite_int64 instead of unsigned long long int and long long int for MSVC compiler support. (CVS 5178) (user: shane, branch: trunk)
5.96 years ext/rtree/rtree.h
[aa8eba33] Update the amalgamation builder to incorporate the RTREE extension. (CVS 5160) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
5.96 years test/like2.test
[33548744] Fix the LIKE query optimizer so that it works with LIKE patterns ending in '@%' on NOCASE columns. Ticket #3139. (CVS 5158) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
6.02 years config.guess
[2b1e455c] Add AC_SYS_LARGEFILE to ensure large file support, update autotools-related files. Ticket #3094. (CVS 5087) (user: mlcreech, branch: trunk)
6.03 years test/tkt3093.test
[3dc334aa] Make sure that when a connection is blocking on a RESERVED lock that it continues after the lock is released. Ticket #3093. (CVS 5078) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
6.05 years test/vtabB.test
[776e7024] Add test cases to prove that ticket #3082 has been fixed. (CVS 5048) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
6.08 years test/speed1p.explain
[d11f5daf] Add speed-test scripts that also show EXPLAIN output. (CVS 5017) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
6.08 years test/collateA.test
[c5435f71] Fix a bug in the RTRIM collating sequence discovered while working on condition/decision branch coverage. Increase test coverage of the date/time functions. (CVS 5010) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
6.09 years test/speed4p.test
[a2da7f9a] Add three new test cases to speed4p.test. Two of the three do single-row updates based on rowid and on primary key. (CVS 4972) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
6.11 years test/malloc9.test
[9987a7b1] Fix the output labels on the tests in malloc9. (CVS 4966) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
6.16 years test/busy.test
[5e4df441] Add tests to make sure the busy handler resets. (CVS 4865) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
6.23 years test/malloc4.test
[63da5d97] Add the memory fault simulator to mem5.c. Enable soft heap limit on mem5.c. Limit the size of hash tables and the vdbefifo when using mem5.c. (CVS 4795) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
6.24 years test/tkt2942.test
[6d33cbd9] Do not apply the query flattening optimization when the outer query is an aggregate and the inner query contains an ORDER BY clause. Ticket #2943. (CVS 4791) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
6.28 years test/tkt2920.test
[b3259e87] Add more test cases to prove that ticket #2920 does not exist in CVS HEAD. The problem was previously fixed by the changes to ticket #2686. Ticket #2920 is a duplicate of #2686. (CVS 4772) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
6.28 years ext/fts3/mkfts3amal.tcl
[72411043] Version number to 3.5.5. Include FTS3 in the amalgamation by default (but disabled unless compiled with -DSQLITE_ENABLE_FTS3). Fix a memory allocation problem. (CVS 4757) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
6.31 years test/colmeta.test
[9f95d79d] Improvements to test coverage in the lemon-generated parser and in the sqlite3_get_table() interface. (CVS 4745) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
6.31 years test/exec.test
[720bc20a] Miscellaneous test coverage improvements. (CVS 4734) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
6.31 years test/ioerr3.test
[010f7b78] Additional test coverage improvements. Test coverage now stands at 98.73%. (CVS 4731) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
6.32 years test/insert2.test
[3a289b6d] Use 1<<$x instead of pow(2,$x) in the test suite code. (CVS 4715) (user: danielk1977, branch: trunk)
6.34 years test/select8.test
[a6dddebc] Continuing work toward converting the VM into a register machine. (CVS 4707) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
6.42 years ext/fts2/README.tokenizers
[4e91a267] Change all instances of "it's" in comments to either "its" or "it is", as appropriate, in case the comments are ever again read by a pedantic grammarian. Ticket #2840. (CVS 4629) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
6.42 years test/null.test
[2f88b9b3] Adjust the test suite to account for recent changes related to #2822. Most changes are related to English language error messages only. (CVS 4622) (user: danielk1977, branch: trunk)
6.49 years test/fts2g.test
[75cb46f8] Don't do anything when input doclists are both empty. Ticket #2774 (CVS 4546) (user: shess, branch: trunk)
6.67 years test/shortread1.test
[995c63b5] Add tests to prevent a regression of the short read problem discovered in version 3.2.2. (CVS 4428) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
6.67 years test/tkt2643.test
[2cfdbfe6] Fix incorrect index cost assumptions that occur after an ANALYZE. Ticket #2643. (CVS 4424) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
6.67 years test/badutf.test
[c8405b15] Fixes for compilation/testing when the various OMIT macros are defined. (CVS 4423) (user: danielk1977, branch: trunk)
6.69 years test/vtab_err.test
[d66e08fd] Enable threadsafe builds by default in configure. Ticket #2606. Changes to test scripts to do better testing under all configurations. (CVS 4379) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
6.73 years test/fts3ab.test
[24739f14] Replicate the fts2*.test files as fts3a*.test, and convert fts2 to fts3 in the text of the files. (CVS 4251) (user: shess, branch: trunk)
6.73 years ext/fts3/fts3.h
[216c91d2] Copy fts2 to fts3, renaming, and replacing references to fts2 with fts3, including capitalization variants. (CVS 4249) (user: shess, branch: trunk)
6.76 years test/fts2k.test
[16730cb1] Convert fts2 to use sqlite3_prepare_v2() to prevent certain logic errors around SQLITE_SCHEMA handling. This also allows sql_step_statement() and sql_step_leaf_statement() to be replaced with sqlite3_step().    Also fix a logic error in flushPendingTerms() which was clearing the term table in case of error. This was wrong in the face of SQLITE_SCHEMA. Even though the change to sqlite3_prepare_v2() should cause us not to see SQLITE_SCHEMA any longer, it was still a logic error... (CVS 4205) (user: shess, branch: trunk)
6.79 years ext/fts1/fts1_porter.c
[3f9a6661] Fix ticket #2439: the FTS1 and FTS2 extensions use the non-standard, unportable and highly deprecated <malloc.h> header on all platforms except Apple Mac OS X. The <malloc.h> actually is never required on any OS with an at least partly POSIX-conforming API as the malloc(3) & friends functions officially live in <stdlib.h> since over 10 years. Under some platform like FreeBSD the inclusion of <malloc.h> since a few years even causes an "#error" and this way a build failure. So, just get rid of the bad <malloc.h> usage in FTS1 and FTS2 extensions at all and stick with <stdlib.h> there only. (CVS 4191) (user: rse, branch: trunk)
6.79 years test/collate6.test
[7b699686] Fix a bug with explicit collation sequences attached to a column reference expression that is on the right-hand-side of a binary comparison operator. (CVS 4187) (user: danielk1977, branch: trunk)
6.81 years test/fts1n.test
[f9020cff] Replicates http://www.sqlite.org/cvstrac/chngview?cn=4151 which modified fts2:    Modify handling of SQLITE_SCHEMA in fts2 code. An SQLITE_SCHEMA error may cause SQLite to reload the internal schema, deleting and recreating v-table objects. So the sqlite3_vtab structure can be deleted out from under a v-table implementation. (CVS 4183) (user: shess, branch: trunk)
6.81 years test/fts1m.test
[c2ba3cc0] Apply change 4095 to fts1. Fix snippet generation when the left-most column of an fts table is used in the MATCH clause. Fix for ticket #2429. (CVS 4181) (user: shess, branch: trunk)
6.88 years ext/fts2/mkfts2amal.tcl
[bbdcf372] Remove the unused EXTSRC variable from the non-configure makefile. (CVS 4129) (user: danielk1977, branch: trunk)
6.89 years ext/fts2/fts2.h
[c795e6fd] Put #ifdefs in fts2_tokenizer so that the build works even when FTS2 is omitted. Add the SQLite blessing to the header comments on all FTS2 source files. (CVS 4120) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
6.89 years test/fts2token.test
[fbcf2d75] Add a test that calls fts2_tokenizer() with an argument set via C code. (CVS 4118) (user: danielk1977, branch: trunk)
6.89 years test/tkt2450.test
[d5b7224f] When expanding '*' in the result set of a SELECT, quote the expanded identifiers. Fix for #2450. (CVS 4111) (user: danielk1977, branch: trunk)
6.93 years test/where5.test
[72612a03] Additional test cases for comparisons against NULL in the WHERE clause and elsewhere in a SELECT. (CVS 4051) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
6.93 years test/join5.test
[46fdd195] Fix the query optimizer so that it correctly handles constant expressions in the ON clause of a LEFT JOIN. Ticket #2403. (CVS 4049) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
6.96 years test/tkt2391.test
[f9a95e92] Consider explicit collate clauses when matching WHERE constraints to indices. Fix for #2391. (CVS 4040) (user: danielk1977, branch: trunk)
6.98 years test/enc.test
[0595319c] Add some code to MemTranslate() to prevent the READ_UTF8() macro from overreading a buffer. (CVS 4033) (user: danielk1977, branch: trunk)
6.98 years test/fts2a.test
[ed3a131f] Fix overzealous fts2 assertions WRT rowid 0 or lower. Only check that docids are ascending if there was a prior docid set for the doclist, ignore the initial docid of 0. (CVS 4026) (user: shess, branch: trunk)
7.03 years test/format4.test
[b94d39e4] Get tests working with SQLITE_OMIT_AUTOVACUUM=1. (CVS 3918) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
7.05 years test/quote.test
[0935cdf8] Fix duplicate test IDs in the test suite. No changes to code. Ticket #2319. (CVS 3869) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
7.06 years test/misc6.test
[25c1c7aa] Get the build working with -DSQLITE_OMIT_UTF16=1. Ticket #2314. (CVS 3865) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
7.08 years test/vtab9.test
[8d6c3bfc] Ensure sqlite3_finalize() can be called from within the xDisconnect() method of virtual tables. (CVS 3845) (user: danielk1977, branch: trunk)
7.08 years test/speed2.test
[e44995de] Detect database file changes using a 128-bit segment of the file header that includes the change counter. Ticket #2303. (CVS 3844) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
7.10 years test/fts1l.test
[81be7290] Fix crash in delete when existing row has null fields. Previous code assumed that the row had values in all columns, sigh. Fixes bug http://www.sqlite.org/cvstrac/tktview?tn=2289 . (CVS 3833) (user: shess, branch: trunk)
7.20 years test/vtab8.test
[52885ed8] Handle the case where the estimated cost of a virtual table scan is larger than SQLITE_BIG_DBL. Ticket #2253. (CVS 3670) (user: danielk1977, branch: trunk)
7.22 years test/types2.test
[da81725c] Clarify the documentation on how comparisons occur in an IN operator. Fix the comparison operators when both sides of an IN operator are expressions (ticket #2248). Changes to main.mk for adding FTS2 into the standard build also got mixed in with this check-in by mistake. (CVS 3656) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
7.22 years test/fts1f.test
[16cb00ad] Fix typos in test naming (was using 'e' instead of 'f'). (CVS 3655) (user: shess, branch: trunk)
7.26 years tool/fragck.tcl
[bd6bc3b8] Changes to support fragmentation analysis in sqlite3_analyzer. (CVS 3634) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
7.30 years test/fts2i.test
[310f6858] Do not run the fts2i.test unless the FTS2 module is available. (CVS 3601) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
7.30 years test/fts1i.test
[810c0176] Do not run test fts1i.test if FTS1 is not installed. (CVS 3600) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
7.36 years test/threadtest2.c
[06216d0d] Get threadtest2.c working again after being long neglected. (CVS 3562) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
7.45 years test/fts2h.test
[66581162] Test that terms longer than interior nodes work correctly. A bug prior to fts2.c r1.10 meant that such large terms caused an eventual stack overflow. (CVS 3523) (user: shess, branch: trunk)
7.57 years test/fts2b.test
[2806c341] dup fts1 tests and edit for fts2. fts1porter.test omitted because it depends on being able to poke through to %_term table. (CVS 3482) (user: shess, branch: trunk)
7.57 years test/fts1e.test
[b01c4371] Add tests for delete and update in fts1. (CVS 3481) (user: shess, branch: trunk)
7.59 years ext/fts2/README.txt
[d0d1e7cd] Copy fts1/ to fts2/, changing reference from fts1 to fts2. For future reference, the source versions copied were:    README.txt r1.1 fts1.c r1.37 fts1.h r1.2 fts1_hash.c r1.1 fts1_hash.h r1.1 fts1_porter.c r1.1 fts1_tokenizer.h r1.4 fts1_tokenizer1.c r1.6 (CVS 3471) (user: shess, branch: trunk)
7.61 years test/fts1c.test
[6cf1fb9f] The snippet generator adds ellipsis between text from different columns. (CVS 3465) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
7.61 years test/fts1porter.test
[df1a4b48] Make DL_POSITION the default mode in FTS1. Remove the need to compile with SQLITE_CORE when SQLITE_ENABLE_FTS1 is used. (CVS 3462) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
7.62 years ext/fts1/fts1_tokenizer.h
[936b06aa] Add a Porter stemmer option to the FTS1 module. (CVS 3452) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
7.62 years test/fts1a.test
[8cdf1d6a] Fix a bug in the handling of the OR operator in FTS1. Test cases added to prevent a repeat. (CVS 3450) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
7.65 years test/fts1b.test
[5e35dc1f] Modify FTS1 so that the "magic" column has the same name as the virtual table. Offsets are retrieved using a special "offsets" function whose first argument is the magic column. Snippets will ultimately be retrieved in the same way. (CVS 3427) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
7.67 years ext/fts1/fts1.h
[d4edb803] Earlier refactoring changed name in fts1.c but not fts1.h. (CVS 3413) (user: shess, branch: trunk)
7.70 years ext/fts1/fts1_hash.c
[e1891f0d] Refactor the FTS1 module so that its name is "fts1" instead of "fulltext", so that all symbols with external linkage begin with "sqlite3Fts1", and so that all filenames begin with "fts1". (CVS 3377) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
7.70 years ext/fts1/simple_tokenizer.c
[6c77c2d5] Just don't run tolower() on hi-bit characters. This shouldn't cause us to break any UTF-8 code points, unless they were already broken in the input. (CVS 3376) (user: shess, branch: trunk)
7.72 years ext/fts1/ft_hash.c
[b0d8e0d3] A first implementation of a full-text search module for SQLite. (CVS 3363) (user: adamd, branch: trunk)
7.73 years ext/README.txt
[7f152f9f] Add the ext/fts1 subdirectory for holding the first full-text search extension. (CVS 3360) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
7.89 years test/tkt1444.test
[0534f6e1] Modify the test cases in tkt1444.test that were failing. I am convinced that the test cases were incorrect. (CVS 3288) (user: danielk1977, branch: trunk)
8.03 years test/aggerror.test
[8f820e43] Faster :memory: database COMMITs. Ticket #1790. (CVS 3178) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
8.20 years test/index2.test
[cdca3383] Ignore leading spaces on text to numeric conversions. Ticket #1662. Fixes to test cases broken by the recent changes to round(). (CVS 3118) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
8.26 years test/tkt1644.test
[c468aa34] Minor test file modifications for builds compiled with OMIT options. (CVS 3077) (user: danielk1977, branch: trunk)
8.32 years test/tkt1435.test
[3a54a33d] Test suite fixes for builds that define OMIT symbols. (CVS 2962) (user: danielk1977, branch: trunk)
8.33 years test/tkt1537.test
[8e79a0c2] Fixes for OMIT_SUBQUERY builds: Disable where clause OR->IN optimization. Include EXISTS keyword (for new CREATE TABLE syntax). Test file fixes. (CVS 2943) (user: danielk1977, branch: trunk)
8.47 years test/tkt1536.test
[a2e55a38] Fix incorrect type conversions when copying from a table into itself. Ticket #1536. (CVS 2773) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
8.50 years test/sort.test
[ce06c123] Create separate affinities for INTEGER and REAL. (CVS 2766) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
8.64 years contrib/sqlitecon.tcl
[079c6348] Add the SQLite console source code in the contrib section of the source tree. (CVS 2734) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
8.72 years test/delete3.test
[7c599bae] Fix a bug in DELETE that might cause a segfault when deleting more than 40940 rows of data all at once. (CVS 2620) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
9.03 years test/trigger6.test
[c2af7d2c] Fix a datatype in trigger6.test that changed due to the previous check-in. (CVS 2454) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
9.13 years test/join4.test
[c41d5544] Add the SQLITE_OMIT_TEMPDB compile time macro. (CVS 2427) (user: danielk1977, branch: trunk)
9.31 years test/join2.test
[bb0254ab] Modify test scripts to work when SQLITE_OMIT_SUBQUERY (along with other OMIT macros) is defined. (CVS 2251) (user: danielk1977, branch: trunk)
9.31 years test/join3.test
[d8b2a7e0] Continued refactoring of the name resolution logic and query optimizer. (CVS 2236) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
9.54 years test/trigger5.test
[be661acf] Insert #ifdefs that can optionally remove features at compiletime resulting in a database engine with a smaller footprint. (CVS 2034) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
9.77 years test/bigrow.test
[d33771a3] Do not invoke the busy callback when trying to promote a lock from SHARED to RESERVED. This avoids a deadlock. (CVS 1879) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
9.88 years test/threadtest1.c
[ffd3312b] Bug-fixes to get the two threadtest C programs working again. (CVS 1756) (user: danielk1977, branch: trunk)
9.99 years test/varint.test
[61bdb53a] New varint encoding gives a maximum varint length of 9 instead of 10. (CVS 1395) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
10.26 years test/crashtest1.c
[597a59a7] Add the crashtest1.c program used to test the ability of the database to survive a program crash or power failure. Ticket #599. (CVS 1210) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
11.06 years tool/mkopts.tcl
[6289b863] Remove the begin_hook and commit_hook APIs. They were a bad idea. Add a "trace" method to the TCL interface. (CVS 929) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
11.47 years tool/space_used.tcl
[83b2c27a] Add the "space_used.tcl" script to the tools directory. This script is used to measure how much disk space is used by each table and index of a database. (CVS 789) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
11.86 years tool/diffdb.c
[00f83c25] Prepare for the 2.5.5 release. (CVS 661) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
12.01 years tool/speedtest.tcl
[232b7ef2] Update the misuse.test script so that it will work under Windows. Changes to the speed testing script to support version 2.4.12. (CVS 560) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
12.19 years tool/speedtest2.tcl
[161c0c5f] Added the default_cache_size and default_synchronous pragmas. Added additional tests for pragmas. Added a new speedtest script. (CVS 421) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
12.63 years install-sh
[00575d16] Put in the new LIBTOOL build system. (CVS 271) (user: drh, branch: trunk)
13.96 years tool/opcodeDoc.awk
[6f3655f7] initial check-in of the new version (CVS 1) (user: drh, branch: trunk)