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Overview  ... This article describes the deployment and usage of FTS3 and FTS4. FTS1 and FTS2 are obsolete full-text search modules for SQLite. There are known issues with these older modules and their use should be avoided. Portions of the original ... 
3. Limitations  ... For several of SQLite's bundled virtual tables (FTS3, FTS5, rtree and others), the surprising effects may include corruption of the virtual table content. If the --vtab option is passed to sqldiff.exe, then it ignores all underlying shadow tables ... 
The SQLite Amalgamation
2. The SQLite Amalgamation The SQLite library consists of 102 files of C code (as of Version 3.9.0 - 2015-10-14) in the core with 32 additional files that implement the FTS3, FTS5, RTREE, DBSTAT, JSON1, and RBU extensions. Of the 102 ... 
Appendix A: Comparison with FTS3/4 Also available is the similar but more mature FTS3/4 module. FTS5 is a new version of FTS4 that includes various fixes and solutions for problems that could not be fixed in FTS4 without sacrificing backwards compatibility. Some of these ... 
C API: Database Connection Configuration Options
 ... SQLITE_DBCONFIG_ENABLE_FTS3_TOKENIZER This option is used to enable or disable the two-argument version of the fts3_tokenizer() function which is part of the FTS3 full-text search engine extension. There should be two additional arguments. The first argument is an integer ... 
SQLite Older News
 ... The older FTS3 virtual table is still fully supported, and should also run faster. In addition, the new FTS4 virtual table is added. FTS4 follows the same syntax as FTS3 but holds additional metad