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SQLite Release 3.8.9 On 2015-04-08

  1. Add VxWorks-7 as an officially supported and tested platform.
  2. Added the sqlite3_status64() interface.
  3. Fix memory size tracking so that it works even if SQLite uses more than 2GiB of memory.
  4. Added the PRAGMA index_xinfo command.
  5. Fix a potential 32-bit integer overflow problem in the sqlite3_blob_read() and sqlite3_blob_write() interfaces.
  6. Ensure that prepared statements automatically reset on extended error codes of SQLITE_BUSY and SQLITE_LOCKED even when compiled using SQLITE_OMIT_AUTORESET.
  7. Correct miscounts in the sqlite3_analyzer.exe utility related to WITHOUT ROWID tables.
  8. Added the ".dbinfo" command to the command-line shell.
  9. Improve the performance of fts3/4 queries that use the OR operator and at least one auxiliary fts function.
  10. Fix a bug in the fts3 snippet() function causing it to omit leading separator characters from snippets that begin with the first token in a column.
  11. SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2015-04-08 12:16:33 8a8ffc862e96f57aa698f93de10dee28e69f6e09"
  12. SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 49f1c3ae347e1327b5aaa6c7f76126bdf09c6f42

A complete list of SQLite releases in a single page and a chronology are both also available. A detailed history of every check-in is available at SQLite version control site.