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SQLite Release 3.7.13 On 2012-06-11

  1. In-memory databases that are specified using URI filenames are allowed to use shared cache, so that the same in-memory database can be accessed from multiple database connections.
  2. Recognize and use the mode=memory query parameter in URI filenames.
  3. Avoid resetting the schema of shared cache connections when any one connection closes. Instead, wait for the last connection to close before resetting the schema.
  4. In the RTREE extension, when rounding 64-bit floating point numbers to 32-bit for storage, always round in a direction that causes the bounding box to get larger.
  5. Adjust the unix driver to avoid unnecessary calls to fchown().
  6. Add interfaces sqlite3_quota_ferror() and sqlite3_quota_file_available() to the test_quota.c module.
  7. The sqlite3_create_module() and sqlite3_create_module_v2() interfaces return SQLITE_MISUSE on any attempt to overload or replace a virtual table module. The destructor is always called in this case, in accordance with historical and current documentation.
  8. SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2012-06-11 02:05:22 f5b5a13f7394dc143aa136f1d4faba6839eaa6dc"
  9. SHA1 for sqlite3.c: ff0a771d6252545740ba9685e312b0e3bb6a641b

A complete list of SQLite releases in a single page and a chronology are both also available. A detailed history of every check-in is available at SQLite version control site.