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SQLite C Interface

File Locking Levels

#define SQLITE_LOCK_NONE          0       /* xUnlock() only */
#define SQLITE_LOCK_SHARED        1       /* xLock() or xUnlock() */
#define SQLITE_LOCK_RESERVED      2       /* xLock() only */
#define SQLITE_LOCK_PENDING       3       /* xLock() only */
#define SQLITE_LOCK_EXCLUSIVE     4       /* xLock() only */

SQLite uses one of these integer values as the second argument to calls it makes to the xLock() and xUnlock() methods of an sqlite3_io_methods object. These values are ordered from lest restrictive to most restrictive.

The argument to xLock() is always SHARED or higher. The argument to xUnlock is either SHARED or NONE.

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