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If you know of a driver or wrapper for SQLite that is not listed below, please feel free to add it to the list. Please indicate SQLite version(s) supported.


Anubis language

BASIC dialects


C# Wrappers

"C++ Wrappers"

wrapper short description license activity link last table update
easySQLite C++ SQLite wrapper with easy to use basic database objects and all important features implemented. Test project for C++ VS 2010 Express. BSD September 2010 2010-09-16
Kompex SQLite Wrapper Is an easy to use SQLite wrapper, which supports a wide range of SQLite functions and is available for Linux and Windows.
Additional features: transactions, exception handling, utf8 and utf16 support, good documentation, etc.
LGPL last commit May 2011 2011-05-04 by shion
SQLite++ Cross-platform C++ wrapper library for SQLite. $$ ??? 2009-11-08 by cilap
SharpLite style wrappers GPL last commit 2006 2009-11-08 by cilap
SmartDB SmartDB for Sqlite 3.x provides msado like interface. You can start using sqlite in your programs in just 3 lines of code. GPL/LGPL last commit 2007 2009-11-08 by cilap
LiteSQL C++ Object-relational persistence framework (supports SQLite3 asbackend, too). BSD last commit 2009 2009-11-08 by cilap
Sqlitedataset Has functions for handling query results. Makefile included. MIT latest commit 2005 2009-11-08 by cilap
GQL Generic SQL Library supports PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite. Included in Debian Sarge. LGPL last commit 2003 2009-11-08 by cilap
SQLite Plus a minimalistic C++ wrapper for SQLite and SQLite3, inspired by the ADO.NET classes. Authors name is not mentioned in package. Written with MS Visual Studio. Depends on BOOST; if UNICODE is used it probably won't work on anything but Windows. Open Source zlib Licensed zlib last commit 2005 2009-11-08 by cilap
sqlite3 C++ wrappers 3 different sqlite3 C++ wrappers, including two STL-based wrappers and a Unicode-capable one for use with the MFC CString class. Two are public domain and one is zlib license. . . 2009-11-08 by cilap
wxSQLite wxWidgets wrapper for SQLite 2.x. BSD last commit 2007 2009-11-08 by cilap
wxSQLite3 wxWidgets wrapper for SQLite 3.x. Inspired by wxSQLite and CppSQLite, supporting most features of SQLite 3 including user-defined functions. wxWindows Library last commit 2010 2010-07-27
CppSQLite a very thin C++ wrapper around the public domain SQLite database library. ? last edit 2004 2009-11-08 by cilap
CppSQLiteU Inheritor of CppSQLite with Unicode support. ??? ??? 2009-11-08 by cilap
Borland C++ Delphi components have been successfully installed into Borland C++ Builder 5 and 6 and 2007. . 2009-12-01 by aducom
Sword cross-platform LGPL C++ lib with many features, including a SQLite C++ abstraction. LGPL last commit 2004 2009-11-08 by cilap
cmksql C++ library. unavailable/dead? unavailable/dead? 2009-11-08 by cilap
KexiDB KDE/Qt layer for accessing and creating databases, used by Kexi and other KDE applications. Contains SQLite v2 and v3 drivers. Also works on win32. LGPL . 2009-11-08 by cilap
Sqliteclass A very simple C++ wrapper for sqlite.Public Domain. unavailable/dead? unavailable/dead? 2009-11-08 by cilap
Sqlite wrapped C++ wrapper for win32 and linux/unix (GNU GPL) GPL last release 2008 2009-11-08 by cilap
Sqlite3 C++ wrapper C++ wrapper for win32 and linux/unix ??? ??? 2009-11-08 by cilap
LiteX++ C++ wrapper for win32 ??? last release 2008 2009-11-08 by cilap
Evo's Sqlite wrapper. Complete wrapper class (tested with 3.3.4). Features include: AES Encryption and reading/writing of multiple variables in one c++ statement. ??? last release 2006 (Try later in case of 403 error) 2009-11-08 by cilap
DatabaseLayer Cross-platform JDBC-like C++ database wrapper with support for SQLite3 ??? last commit 2009 2009-11-08 by cilap
VSQLite++ A well-designed and portable SQLite 3.x Wrapper BSD last commit 2006 Project site: Docs: 2009-11-08 by cilap
Glim Sqlite wrapper Single file, header-only, some thread safety, one-liners. APL 2.0 last release 2006 2010-10-10 by Glim
SqlWrapperXX SqlWrapperXX is a C++ library that encapsulates various SQL APIs into a single, uniform interface. It supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sqlite2 and Sqlite3. SqlWrapperXX is designed to be easy to use, small, and to the point. MIT last commit 2009 2009-11-08 by cilap
QtSql The SQL modules of Qt 3.x and 4.x both come with drivers which are wrappers around SQLite3 ??? last commit 2009 2009-11-08 by cilap
sqlite3++ / sqlite3pp Very nice C++ wrapper for sqlite3. Uses Boost. The only documentation is in Korean but it comes with examples and the code is in English. For a quick start you can just view the usage page: Usage MIT/Boost last commit 2009 2009-11-08 by cilap serialization A C++ serialization library that uses a sqlite3 database as storage. Includes a C++ sqlite3 wrapper layer. The wrapper layer can be used by itself without having to use the serialization layer which sits above it. BSD licensed. For Mac OS X, Windows, FreeBSD and GNU/Linux. Builds with VC++ 2005/2008 and GCC 4.x. BSD last commit 2008 2009-11-08 by cilap
POCO The POCO C++ Libraries include a SQL database access library with an SQLite 3 backend, along with MySQL and ODBC backends. BSL last commit 2009 2009-11-08 by cilap
sqdbcpp Simple 2 file wrapper, exception-safe, RAII, some examples on homepage BSD Last commit Dec 13, 2009 2009-11-08 by cilap
SOCI The extensible C++ Database Access Library with built-in SQLite3 backend Boost Last commit November, 2010 2010-11-01 by mloskot

Ch --- an Embeddable C/C++ Interpreter for Script Computing


Common Lisp

COM Wrappers / Visual Basic DLLs





Director (Macromedia)

eyuyan (an OO programming language with a full-featured-IDE including UI-visual-designer and words-auto-complete, supports cross-platform programming, easy to use, perfect in functions)

Ewe (Java clone, Waba descendant, nice PDA support)

Excel: microETL

Flash (Actionscript 2)






wrapper short description license activity link last table update
sqlite4java Java wrapper for SQLite API (no JDBC). Binaries contain precompiled SQLite and available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux. Apache 2.0 February 2011 2011-02-08
A good tutorial to Connect Java with SQLite Database using JDBC driver. . . 2009-11-08 by cilap
javasqlite Java wrapper incl. JDBC driver for SQLite . . 2009-11-08 by cilap
sqlite3android Cutdown of javasqlite compiled for android with 3.7.6 . . 2009-17-02 by mingodad
Sqlite wrapper for java Java wrapper (around a SWIG interface) . . 2011-11-08 by cilap
A good tutorial to use JDBC driver for SQLite. (it works at least !) . . 2009-11-08 by cilap
SQLiteJDBC JDBC driver for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Pure Java . . 2009-11-08 by cilap
SQLite for Java Another Java - SWIG wrapper. It only works on Win32. . . 2009-11-08 by cilap
sqlite-java-shell 100% pure Java port of the sqlite3 commandline shell built with NestedVM. (This is not a JDBC driver). . . 2009-11-08 by cilap
SQLite JDBC Driver for Mysaifu JVM SQLite JDBC Driver for Mysaifu JVM and SQLite JNI Library for Windows (x86), Linux (i386/PowerPC) and Mac OS X (Intel). . . 2009-11-08 by cilap
Xerial: SQLite JDBC Driver SQLite JDBC driver that contains natively compiled SQLite (version 3.x) for Windows (x86), Mac OS X (Intel i386) and Linux (i386, amd64). Other operating systems are also supported with the pure Java version of SQLite. This library is also available from the Maven repository (org.xerial, sqlite-jdbc). . . 2009-11-08 by cilap
SQLJet Pure Java implementation of SQLite (not using NestedVM). . . 2009-11-08 by cilap





mIRC Scripting Language (MSL)

.NET Framework



Objective Caml (OCaml)






















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