SQLite Status Board

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This is an abbreviated set of tests. The changes from do not involve any code that is likely to behave different when moving between platforms. Therefore most of the testing is done on platforms where it is easy to run tests. A few quick sanity checks for other platforms are run, but not the whole analysis.

1.   Compiler warning checks. drh ok  *
a.   Linux GCC -Wall -Wextra (the tool/warnings.sh script) drh ok  *
b.   Mac GCC -Wall -Wextra (the tool/warnings.sh script) drh ok  *
c.   OpenBSD GCC using options -Wall drh ok  *
d.   Windows MSVC Win64 /W3 drh ok  *
2.   Documentation checks: drh ok  *
a.   Latest release on the index.html page drh ok  *
b.   Release announcement in changes.in drh ok  *
c.   Release accouncement in news.html drh ok  *
d.   No unresolved hyperlinks in the documentation build drh ok  *
e.   Requirements marks are up-to-date in both documentation and source code drh ok  *
f.   The compile-time options are all up-to-date (compile.html) drh ok  *
g.   Check new/changed documentation for spelling and gramatical mistakes drh ok  *
3.   Source code change review. "fossil diff --from version- --to branch-3.8.7" drh ok  *
a.   No stray changes drh ok  *
b.   All significant changes are mentioned in the "changes" log of the documentation drh ok  *
c.   New code complies with style guidelines drh ok  *
d.   New code complies with design rules drh ok  *
e.   Comments have been updated to reflect code changes drh ok  *
f.   Variables and functions have been renamed to reflect changes in their use drh ok  *
g.   Check all calls to sqlite3OsRead() and sqlite3OsWrite() to ensure that offset computations are 64-bit clean. drh ok  *
h.   Check all calls to memory allocation routines to ensure that size computations are 64-bit clean. Suggested regular expression for search: /(Re|M)alloc[FORZa-z]*\(/ drh ok  *
i.   Verify that source code contains no tabs and that surplus whitespace has been removed. drh ok  *
j.   Verify that the list of APIs exposed via the extension header is up-to-date (sqlite3ext.h) drh ok  *
4.   Tests for platform Linux x86_64: drh ok  *
a.   tclsh th3make cov.rc (verify 100% branch test coverage)
0 errors out of 1400662 tests in 257.302 seconds, 100% coverage, tallis
drh ok  *
b.   tclsh th3make cov.rc -DSQLITE_ENABLE_STAT4 (verify 100% branch test coverage)
0 errors out of 1477650 tests in 233.253 seconds. The new branch in STAT4 is untested, but all others pass.
drh ok  *
c.   tclsh releasetest.tcl drh ok  *
d.   tclsh fulltest.tcl fast.rc test.rc
****** FINISHED (04:11:37) with 0 errors out of 78632137 tests in 15711.852 seconds ********
dan ok  *
e.   tclsh th3make memdebug.rc
0 errors out of 7625603 tests in 3543.512 seconds, bella
drh ok  *
f.   tclsh th3make test.rc CC=clang
0 errors out of 7653394 tests in 2047.292 seconds, tallis
drh ok  *
g.   tclsh th3make fast.rc CC=clang
./th3: 0 errors out of 7446268 tests in 831.403 seconds
dan ok  *
5.   Tests for 32-bit x86 Linux dan ok  *
a.   tclsh th3make quick.rc -m32
./th3: 0 errors out of 1483179 tests in 425.111 seconds ./th3: SQLite 2014-12-05 15:25:49 48529508cfe2f9445a6940222fe5ff7cc92aef78
dan ok  *
6.   Tests for platform Linux ARM (BeagleBoard) dan ok  *
a.   tclsh th3make min.rc
0 errors out of 1404252 tests in 3270.113 seconds
drh ok+  *
7.   Tests for platform Mac OS-X x86: drh ok  *
a.   make fulltestonly
Failures in loadext.test, which seem to be test problems for this platform, not errors in SQLite.
drh ok  *
b.   tclsh th3make fast.rc CC=clang
./th3: 0 errors out of 5842147 tests in 1544.260 seconds ./th3: SQLite 2014-12-05 15:25:49 48529508cfe2f9445a6940222fe5ff7cc92aef78
dan ok  *
8.   Tests for platform Win32/64: drh ok  *
a.   make test drh ok  *
9.   Tests for platform OpenBSD x86: dan ok  *
a.   make test
0 errors out of 201985 tests
dan ok  *
10.   Tests for platform Solaris Sparc: drh ok  *
a.   th3make fast.rc
0 errors out of 7451643 tests in 6800.797 seconds
drh ok  *
11.   Other test performed on any available platform: dan ok  *
a.   th3make test.rc -ftrapv
0 errors out of 7653150 tests in 1702.384 seconds
drh ok  *
b.   th3make test.rc CC=clang -fsanitize=undefined
0 errors out of 7653521 tests in 2043.231 seconds, tallis
drh ok  *
c.   th3make quick.rc -valgrind
0 errors out of 1478367 tests in 6769.428 seconds, no valgrind warnings, bella.
drh ok  *
d.   valgrind testfixture permutations.test valgrind
passes after [194c90db]
dan ok  *
e.   ./configure; make fulltest
0 errors out of 2539045 tests
dan ok  *
12.   Exported symbol checks: tool/symbols.sh drh ok  *
a.   No private symbols exported. (This is also checked by releasetest.tcl) drh ok  *
b.   No undesirable library dependencies drh ok  *
13.   Run performance tests comparing the new SQLite release against the previous release. drh ok  *
a.   The speedtest1 program
Same speed as to 5 significant digits.
drh ok  *
14.   Run "make wordcount; bash run-wordcount.bash $OPTIONS" with options: drh ok  *
a.   bash run-wordcount.sh sqlite3.c drh ok  *
b.   bash run-wordcount.sh sqlite3.c --cachesize 5 --nosync drh ok  *