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[bdb6e4978d] Leaf: Refactor the sqlite3PcacheFetch() routine into three separate routines, which are significantly faster overall and about 100 bytes smaller in size as well. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
[029a6dc744] Add a VDBE synopsis comment for clarification. (user: mistachkin, tags: trunk)
[d8b1c43361] Add a missing ticket number to a comment in index7.test. (user: dan, tags: trunk)
17:41 • Fixed ticket [98d973b8f5]: Partial index gives incorrect query result plus 5 other changes (user: drh)
[fcebca166f] When determining whether or not a partial index is usable, do not assume that the cursor number assigned to each table in the query is the same as its index in the FROM clause. Fix for ticket [98d973b8f5]. (user: dan, tags: trunk)
17:31 • New ticket [98d973b8f5] Partial index gives incorrect query result. (user: drh)
[6c1ee3e388] In the sqlite3_context object, keep a pointer to the result value rather than storing the result value in the sqlite3_context object and using memcpy() to move the value back into its register after the function returns. This runs faster and saves over 500 bytes of code space. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
[1624916c6e] Factor out the exception paths from sqlite3ValueToText() into a separate function so that the main routine is much faster for the common case of no required type or encoding conversions. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
[f94cacc393] Performance enhancement in sqlite3VdbeMemNulTerminate(). (user: drh, tags: trunk)
[f1f94a971e] Change the page cache so that a new sqlite3_pcache object is allocated as soon as the page cache is opened, not delayed until the first fetch request. This give a noticable performance boost. The interface between pager and the page cache has changed slightly, which might break ZIPVFS. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
[08ae974ac8] Leaf: Merge recent performance enhancements and the CAST operator enhancements into the sessions branch. (user: drh, tags: sessions)
[5c27311105] Leaf: Merge recent performance enhancements and the CAST operator enhancements into the apple-osx branch. (user: drh, tags: apple-osx)
[e3305d4b4e] Leaf: Remove the SQLITE_CONFIG_WORKER_THREADS configuration parameter. The number of worker threads in the sorter is now determined only by the PRAGMA threads=N setting. (user: drh, tags: threads)
[6c8f86e4e0] Merge the CAST operator enhancements from trunk. (user: drh, tags: threads)
[af364cce9d] Add an assert() and five testcase() macros to the OP_Cast opcode implementation to help verify that it is fully tested. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
[1ad70ec550] Minor changes to the CAST logic to make it more testable. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
[42505e5a81] Test cases added for using unary "+" and CAST operators on the RHS of range constraints and verifying that STAT3/4 can use those constraints. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
[91d8a8d0b7] Allow CAST expressions and unary "+" operators to be used in the DEFAULT argument of an ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN and to be understand on the RHS of range constraints interpreted by STAT3/4. This involves a rewrite of the implementation of the CAST operator. (user: drh, tags: trunk)
[e240d467e6] Leaf: Add documentation for tokenizer api to fts5.h. Also add a script to extract extension API docs and format them as html. (user: dan, tags: fts5)
[e06dc6f0c3] In cases where stat4 data is available but cannot be used because the rhs of a range constraint is too complex a expression, fall back to using the default estimates for number of rows scanned. (user: dan, tags: trunk)