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SQLite C Interface

Close A BLOB Handle

int sqlite3_blob_close(sqlite3_blob *);

Closes an open BLOB handle.

Closing a BLOB shall cause the current transaction to commit if there are no other BLOBs, no pending prepared statements, and the database connection is in autocommit mode. If any writes were made to the BLOB, they might be held in cache until the close operation if they will fit.

Closing the BLOB often forces the changes out to disk and so if any I/O errors occur, they will likely occur at the time when the BLOB is closed. Any errors that occur during closing are reported as a non-zero return value.

The BLOB is closed unconditionally. Even if this routine returns an error code, the BLOB is still closed.

Calling this routine with a null pointer (such as would be returned by a failed call to sqlite3_blob_open()) is a harmless no-op.

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